SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The schedule is not perfect,


Before I came to this school, I knew a fairly large amount of stuff about it. Overall, I was not disappointed with my decision to attend here.


Invest in some Uggs. You think I'm kidding. Brockport gets pretty lazy with plowing, so by the time you get across campus your feet are freezing and your socks are usually soaked. Also, earplugs are your friends.


I wish i had been more aware of how harsh the winters can be. The wind at Brockport can get kinda of crazy. The rain and snow cause alot of puddles and mud around campus.


My major. So I could have taken the correct classes my first semester at Brockport. I'm now a double major and I'm super busy, I could have gotten some general education classes out of the way during that time.


I wish I knew how much different highschool is then college.


Tower Fine Arts Building is beautiful to look at but always cold; carry a sweater, scarf and fingerless gloves. Post the dining hall hours next to the phone, so you can get there when they are open.


I wish I had known that the people were friendlier and more helpful than expected. I worried all summer about the dramatic change that was going to happen and that I would be alone there. It turned out that many of us felt the same and the people welcome each other openly.


I wish I had known that if I had pushed harder in senior year I could have knocked out my science requirement by taking an advanced science course.


The freshmen dorms are palaces. Live off-campus as soon as possible.


I wish I had known that i wanted to be a nurse before i went to school so I wouldn't have to go to school for five years like I am doing now.


Nothing, I took my experiences in stride and learned as I went.