SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Tons of clubs and organizations, academic, musical, athletic, social, multicultural. Especially in freshman dorms during the first few weeks, many people leave their dorm doors open. During the first month or two of school there are tons of events for getting to know people and getting acquainted with the school. As for food on campus: I'm not a picky eater so I've never had any problems. A lot of people complain but it's nothing like you'd find in a high school cafeteria and Campus Auxiliary Services makes improvements every year. I'm not super into athletics, but the hockey team is popular and the only sports team Geneseo is really missing is football (not that I mind). A lot of people get into intramurals, broomball is pretty popular. As for partying, there are students who do and students who don't. If you actively seek out partying and drinking you can easily find it, but if you'd rather stay in on weekends or go see a movie it's not too in your face. There are 5 bars in Geneseo with varying "scenes". As a member of greek life myself it has kind of shaped my experience socially, so I definitely have a biased opinion. I've found that joining greek life has made the school seem smaller and I've met way more people than I would have otherwise. Greek life isn't for everyone but it's definitely there and worth looking into if you're interested.


There are so many clubs here that it pretty much is impossible NOT to find one to be involved in. There are academic clubs ( ex. spanish club, chemistry club, education association, geology club, etc.), music clubs ( a cappella groups, theater groups, pep band, orchestras, etc) and other random clubs. Intramural sports are popular as well. The most well attended athletic events are the ice hockey games. The team is great, the pep band is loud and the the fans are excited- it's a good time. People party on weekends, usually off- campus. However, most weekends there are "Late Knight" events planned (The Geneseo mascot is a knight, a term used where/ whenever possible). These events range from crafts, to games, to dances, and often include free food, always a plus on college campuses. As for the dating scene? There is a 40:60 guy to girl ratio, use your imagination.


Party hardy. Avoid frat parties, though. Actually, just avoid frats and sororities in general! I know it's tough integrating to a new setting and actually having to make new friends on your own, but don't be tempted by the make-friends-quick scheme of frats and sororities. You will be judged, labeled, and those judgements and labels will soon be justified as your once personality will soon meld into one giant conglomerate of stereotypical frat boy or sorority girl life. Move off campus ASAP. Never really any good bands. Take a *long* walk in the arboretum, but watch out for cops. They're sneaky. Lots of plays, interesting productions, events. Free pool tables in the union. Lots of stuff to do, in general... Perhaps less so after four years of it, but that'll be the case on any non-urban campus.