SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the academics and the nice facilities and the beauty of the campus. I find it to be very welcoming and it's a great place to live and the classes are interesting. I feel as though I learn a lot and I appreciate that everyone is so academcially inclined.


Great value!


The rating of the school, it is very highly recognized within the SUNY sysetm.


I often brag to my friends about the beauty of Geneseo's campus. The food is surprisingly delicious and there is a comforting sense of community here. Everyone I have met so far has been exceptionally friendly, open-minded, and welcoming. I am getting a great education at an affordable price.


At SUNY Geneseo, we worked hard and we played hard. Succeeding at one of the most challenging academic programs in the region was not easy. We prided ourselves as being the "smartest fun kids" you'll ever meet. Every day was filled with school work and sports while many nights were filled with hanging out with friends and weekends were spent engaging in the highest forms of college debauchery. Friends who visited from other universities couldn't keep up with our classes OR our nightlife. Four years I'll never regret... or forget.


It's such a nice area to live in, right near main street. I love the local town.


Geneseo has the best reputation as far as being for "smart kids". You feel like you're challenged by other students and not like you're sitting in a classroom full of people who don't want to be there. Plus, our campus is beautiful. You can't beat a Geneseo sunset at any time of the year. People feel safe and welcome here. It becomes home without any effort.


I brag about the challenging academics that rival academic programs at ivy league schools. My education is at a much more affordable price than than many private schools as well.


I brag about the outstanding and rigorous academics. I brag about how I have been to three of my teachers' homes, and how the professors are extremely welcoming and helpful. I brag how we can easily reach the city of Rochester for a fun night out, and how there are a multitude of study abroad opportunities to explore and take advantage of. I brag about the affordable off campus housing and how the local community really backs the school and its students.


People here are generally quite friendly at generally accepting of everyone. Also, geek culture is prevalent and thriving on campus.


That we are a very academic school and love being able to play a sport at the same time.


The fact that Geneseo began as a teachers' school many years ago and today is still noted for the quality of the teachers that it produces. I also love the ambiance and history of the old, ivy covered buildings which resonate with a sense of time-tested honor and learning.


The location of the campus is really great. Everyone tends to be friendly and the academics are really impressive.


that it is the best in NY state for teaching