SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An introverted person who enjoys an academically focused small school.


The type of person that wants to attend SUNY Geneseo should be able to multitask well. The course are difficult and the professors expect a lot from their students. It is also important to be able to balance the fun of college with the large workloads.


Someone who is looking to get more than money for their hardwork.


The type of students that should attend this school are bright, outgoing, and willing to learn. They must have a desire to succeed and persavere in their intended major or minor. Knowing what you really want to do in life or as a career would be beneficial before attending this school, then just taking classes.


People who like countryside, small college, want to save some money but also receive quality education should definitely apply to Geneseo. However, they should also be responsible and willing to commit.


SUNY Geneseo is for a student looking for a great eduation in a beautiful small town. It's appeal rests in small class sizes, an excellent reputation, a picturesque campus, and a quaint New York town. The academics are challenging, but the prestige that comes with a Geneseo degree is worth the extra work hours. Be prepared for cold upsate winters, but gorgeous fall leaves. Mia's has the best pizza at one a.m., and the on campus food defies stereotypes. People are firendly and with a small school, there's always a familiar face.


The University of New Mexico offers many paths of study for all types of majors. It is a fairly large school with lots of available activities to occupy ones spare time. UNM is a great over all school that would fit most students who are looking for a medium-large sized school in the south west.


Someone that likes smaller schools and towns


Someone who wears a North Face Hoodie, Uggs, and sweatpants everyday. And doesn't mind the cold.


Someone who knows how to work hard and excel


Laid back, welcoming, outgoing, friendly, someone willing to try new things and put themselves out there, academically focused, someone who enjoys their free time


Anyone who likes the small town/small school atmosphere and likes to be social


Geneseo is a school which pushes its students to achieve greatness. Students looking into this school should be motivated and driven to achieve the highest level of academia possible. They should want to succeed but also want to have fun and participate in the schools activities too. I think students at Geneseo are able to balance achieving high academic excellence as well as engage in a healthy social life.


A person that is kind hearted and likes to be around people. You have to be focus to attend this school and serious about your work.


someone who is intelligent, curious and hardworking, but also willing to go out for a couple beers every now and then.


A student who is really interested in learning and enjoys being around outgoing people.


Students who are serious about their studies should attend Geneseo. It's a great school, but students have to take their education into their own hands; they need to be purposeful in seeking relationships with professor and in seeking opportunities to get involved. Geneseo is not the most diverse school, and at times it is too homogeneous. It's comforting to know that there are so many things to get involved in and help students succeed. Students who want to form close relationships with their professors and classmates should come to Geneseo, but be prepared to work!


anybody! there is something for everyone here


Someone who is very serious about higher education and is capable of applying themselves for an entire semester. Someone who would like to become a K-12 teacher.