SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're the kind of person who picks on other people, doesn't do their work, doesn't read, or doesn't have the drive to succeed, Geneseo may not be for you. They do try to accommodate to anyone who wants to be a student, but if you're GPA is lower and probably a 3.0-3.3, you won't be accepted. You need to be academically-oriented!


Any person would be accepted by others if they choose to attend this college. However, this college is more liberal than conservative.


Size and location are a major factor that should be considered when looking at this school. Someone who likes a big city and wants to attend a bigger college should not attend SUNY Geneseo. When choosing a school, you want to pick an atmosphere that will make you happy. In addition, location and how far from home you want to be may play a part in choosing a school. If you live further away from Geneseo than you would like to live from home then you should not attend SUNY Geneseo either.


If I was a minority I would not want to attend this school as it was primarily white and the minority students were very separated. I had expected college to be an integrated experience and it reminded me a great deal of the town I had grown in, which was mainly white. It had the feel of an extended middle/upper middle class suburban high school.


Those who aren't willing to put in efforts to learn should not apply to Geneseo because people here work hard to reach their goals and more are out there waiting to get accepted. So I think if one doesn't have the gut to commit, he/she should not waste other people's time as well as taking up the spaces available...


Most people I've run into from large cities (New York, Boston, etc.) tend not to mix particularly well with the low-key rural surroundings of Geneseo. Geneseo is a very small town and some people can't handle it.




someone who prefers city; not academically motivated


Someone who is not social or open to Greek life


Someone looking for an easy workload.


Anyone who is a hard worker and wants the most bang for their buck. Geneseo was voted "America's Best Value" for colleges.


Someone who is used to a big city life (aka clubs and hustle-bustle). This campus is slower, more country. There is enough to do here on a weekend to keep you busy and Rochester is only a half hour away, with bus services to and from. If you are looking for large clubs with great, big city feel, you won't find it in Geneseo.


someone who takes life to seriously. geneseo students need to be able to balance academics and social life.


who are not motivated and lazy should never consider this college since the workload is extremely heavy and aggressive.


Someone who is looking for an easy ride shouldn't like this school. The classes can be easy, but you have to do the work.