SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's in the middle of nowhere which isn't for everyone. Also, not that many people have heard of it, but everyone who has heard of it knows that it's a great school.


The Winter! As a New York city kid I was definitely not prepared for the long freezing winter which lasted way into the month of March. This coming sophomore semester I will definitely be packing heavy on the winter clothing.


My academic advisor was not very involved in helping me choose classes. Between that and one disproportionately difficult class, I did end up taking an extra semester as a full time student to finish my degree.


My school does not cater to students living out of the Western New York area in regards to internships and career placement. The advisors are teachers, not counsellors and therefor do not want to be advising or know how to properly advise students. I wish I recieved the same help as students living in the Western New York area.


The most frustrating things about Geneseo is simple, it's the weather. Academically and socially everything about school is great. However, October to April is rain, wind, and snow season. So unless one is bundled up the weather can be a little bit of a challenge for those used to warmer climates.


The most frustrating thing about Geneseo is the fact that everyone here is so smart, and that you are no longer the best at everything. Geneseo?s freshman class brought in the best of the best and you have to realize that you are not going to get straight A?s like you did in high school. It is possible in every way, however every single student wants to have the straight A?s and the 4.0. The competition is very intense at Geneseo.


Balancing the numerous social activities with rigorous course load is frustrating at times.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the difficulties you face in getting into the classes that you would like. Many of the classes fill up very quickly, so very often you must settle with your second or third choice because you get closed out of the original classes you want to take.


The school is located in the middle of nowhere and the weather is terrible during the weekend. You are not able to go anywhere and sometimes I feel trapped.


Scheduling classes. The inconsistent grading systems between classes.


Their is not much stuff to do if your not really into partying


The class registration process is very difficult and not-user friendly.


getting classes you want


People are closed minded and tend to use racial slurs when they are not in agreement with students of different races. This is mostly evident among the white student population. They tend to think that other races are below them.


The most frustrating things about this school is the terrible academic advising. Faculty are overworked and don't really care about advising. There is little to know direction or advice given, professors (at least those I've had) don't really care as much about your plans or helping you lay out a good course of study. Granted, there are some good advisors, but overall the faculty culture is not student-centered. It's frustrating because I know they care, but the faculty perspective is often very limiting.


At times the workload can be pretty heavy. It is also difficult to get into some classes as an underclassman.


The hills you have to walk up to get to classes!! Also, the commuter parking lots are so far away.