SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Geneseo community was so full of heart. I met new, wonderful people in classes, in clubs and activities, and just hanging out on the green. I never felt like I belonged in high school, but when I went to Geneseo, I felt like I had found my place.


I love the small town feel! SUNY Geneseo is a dynamic community and everyone is so friendly. It's nice to walk to class and see familiar faces smiling back at you.


Helpful and trully care if you do well. Are there to help you every step of the way and make sure you're on the right track!


The best thing about Geneseo is the size. Academically, it promotes great class sizes and opportunities for teachers to have one-on-one contact with students. For most classes, teachers know you by name and want to get to know you past the grade that you are recieving in the class. Socially, you are able to form realtionships with people who you meet in class, see out on the weekends and participate in programs with. You can walk across campus at any given point of day and see people you know but still have the ability to meet new people


The small campus where students can interact with professors and the beautiful scenary.


I like the small community atmosphere, most of the professors are very approachable and helpful. THe small town atmosphere feels like home.


I consider the school being small and the AOP progam to be the best thing on this campus because it help me when I was struggling and also, these two factors made college better for me.


the quality of the education is the best thing at Geneseo. it has a high-end university feel but at a state university price, which is a major plus.


The teachers are extremely nice and helpful. The classes are small too which helps learning.


The best thing about my school is how the faculty are friendly and willing to help. Although the students need to show them the effort they put into their work. I also like how this school has a sense of community.


The vey best thing about SUNY Genseo is that it is just the right size for me. Everywhere I go I see people whom I either know or am quite familiar with, but I also meet new people very often.