SUNY College at Old Westbury Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




This school is not first option material, classes are limited as well as parking, and the campus itself is slightly depressing being so quiet and not many activities unless you take day classes and stick around for common hour.


There are a small number of students in classes and each student, if he r she feels the need, can get one on one with their professors.


Great faculty many have PHD's, small classrooms, lots of support from staff but not the administration. There are not enough post graduation resources, most of the job availability is in Long Island and they forget about students who live out of state or in NYC. The alumni reception is often a success but most other events alumni are not interested in taking part in. The student government does nothing and is very corrupt, many students open multiple clubs 10+ just so that they can party or attend shows, movies, and dinners on the schools money.


very pretty campus


There is a lack of campus life at this school.


It's a place where you can start something, ,like a new club program event or idea, and really leave a mark that could be here forever


SUNY's best kept secret.


SUNY Old Westbury is extremely boring socially and entirely too strict in the visitors policies and in locking kitchens amongst other things.