SUNY College at Old Westbury Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about SUNY College at Old Westbury? Why?


The fact that all of the departments do not work together in the best possible way.


At some times, Suny Old Westbury feels like an extension of high school. Students seem to form groups and not all of them are willing to go outside of those groups. Being a transfer student, I did not know anyone who went there when I first arrived and it took some time to make friends and become acclimated to the social groups there.


The accessability of scholarships information perhaps and the amounts in which students can recieve. However it is of a small consequence for its not that much of a problem that isn't being handle by the faculty.


The facilities seem old and a little run down, but they're making attempts to fix it up, and the budget cuts have hit us hard, knocking class availability down, but hopefully that's only temporary.


the lack of communication from one department to another, or the leack of dedication from the teachers to provide an equally diverse learning environment it is a scary campus to walk by yourself lack of security on such a large campus, as well as limited lighting classes not offered enough and as frequently as needed financial aid office is not up to par by any means, nor is the amount you are able to recieve and the constantrising of tuition


I think that SUNY Old Westbury is way to small and that the actual campus space is not being utilized. The appearance of my campus is not a very strong one thus affects those who decided to enroll or not.