SUNY College at Old Westbury Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I know now that being in the work force for some years and then going back to school gives you a whole new perspective on college. I only cared if I passed my classes in college right out of high school. Now I want to get the best grade possible in my classes. I would tell myself to go work in the work force for a few years but promise to go to college after a few years. By doing this you get a better understanding why you are going to college, for the better education and the life expericences will help you reach for higher goals in colledge.


The advice I would give myself would be to open myself up a little, which basically means to be outgoing enough to meet tons of new people. I would also tell myself to join any club that looks somewhat interesting and to join soccer even though you might not want to. I would tell myself that college is not as bad as it seems as long as you do your work and study. All in all, I would just tell myself to let loose without letting loose too much where I will not be focused on school. Be yourself, also.


Hi Dana, I know you're panicking about what career path you're going to go down, how finances are going to fall into place and how you'll adjust to the new's easier than it seems. Breathe. There are so many class options that before you know it you'll find your niche. Also, there's no such thing as finishing college in a certain period of time or being stuck with a career for the rest of your life. Take all the time you need to figure things out. It's more than okay to do so. I know mom and dad are trying their best with what they can but you still feel caught up with how to go about filing applications (including FAFSA/Financial Aid) and registering...there are so many people available to help you with everything! There is no such thing as a "stupid question" either. Lastly, those movies and tv shows only show half of what social life is like in college. Don't be scared. You have the freedom to create the other half...everyone embraces individuality. Love yourself through this whole process! You'll thank me later :)


Since I didn't get into many cheap colleges originally the smartest thing to do from the begining was to start out at a community college then work my way to a university to finish my last 2-3 years and find out what I like from there so I didn't keep switching majors and stick with computer science instead of premed and switching between those two majors 4 times and doing what I liked instead of following money which I tried doing through pre-med but quickly learned I should have just stuck with computer science just because its my real passion and not for it's money payment to my wallet.


If i could go back in time i would change one thing. I would have begun my education earlier instead of waiting. If i could tell myself to begin earlier i would. I wouldn't allow my environment or family history to sway me from my destiny. I would become the mentor i never had. I would tell myself to not do what my family expected. Dead ends jobs and choas isn't the way. Education is the only escape, and the means to survive. The pain i have been endured through childhood, and my enviornment would not stop me. I would not quit. I would become a mountain and not be moved by the violence at home. Nothing could stand in my way. The scars of past beatings would be erased. I would tell myself to not cry, but to go to college. Staying in my home enviornment won't help. I must leave in order to have a future for myself and my future family. The impoverished wastelands would not catch my eyes anymore. Broken bottles and drug needles won't pierce my feet as i walk. My eyes would see the light of freedom. Freedom is education.


If I was able to go back in time and give myself advice about transitioning into college I would tell myself staying focused is the number one factor. There will always be time for other things like friends and social acitivities. School work should be put first. Procrastination is a killer. I would advise myself to not procrastinate and to start an assignment the same day it is given to you. It is always better to take your time and put a good effort into your work. Rushing to finish assignments at the last minute is not the answer. I would also tell myself to apply to every scholarship I can get my hands on, it wouldnt hurt.


Make sure to go to class, do your work early, and just get what you need done, done. The ability you have is great, just find that work ethic, fight for it and you can do so much better than you are now.


I would say try to get very scholarsship you can so you can go to the college at you really want to. If you want to get there, you can with the drive to do it without that drive you can't do anything. Keep up that drive and you will be the best person you can be.


Get on the ball! Don't wait until the last minute to make a decision. Start finding scholarships earlier. Don't stress so much! Go after your dreams. Don't settle.


If i could go back in time to my senior year of high school, i would start off with a quote from Fredrick Douglas. It says “without struggle there is no progress” . I would be referring to the application processes for scholarships. I would tell myself to apply to as many scholarships as i can. I would say to complete a scholarship every week throughout the school year. This would open up my options in terms of picking which school i attend, and it would comfort me because i wouldn’t have to worry about any of my bills. It would also be comforting to my mother seeing that she is my sole provider, a struggling single parent, who supports not only me but my three siblings, and her siblings who came down from Haiti. I would tell myself that even when acceptance letters come out, college is expensive and though she may qualify for financial aid, it doesn’t mean she’s finically stable once in college .As a result in present day I would not only be finically stable throughout my 4 years in school but i would also avoid the little monsters under my bed called loans.


As a college freshman, it is important to take advantage of all available resources within a college/ university. The career and academic centers within a university can play am important role in helping you understand where you are where you want to be. Also staying focused is very important and such support will only help you to find the importance in staying and doing well in college.


My college experience has brought me knowledge. In this most recent college I have been able to focus more on my course load and grades due to lack of distractions. Although I viewed the lack of social activities on my campus, it actually turned out to be its positive attribute. I've learned that although a huge amount of work is not necessarily needed to pass the courses offered at my school, it is needed to receive great grades. I've taken away from those attributes and realized the importance of studying and taking my work load more seriously and with less procrastination.


Currently, I dorm at SUNY College at Old Westbury. I have met many great people there and feel very comfortable where I am. Teachers in my school, especially the ones that i have met this first semester, seem to be very engaged and love what they do. They ask that students work hard and hand in assignments in a timely fashion in order to earn A's. The residece halls in Old Westbury are no more than ten years old and they are maintained very well. Personally, I like the closeness of school and home. There is no excuse for getting to class late and it relieves me of the stress and problems that i hay face at home. In regards to the programs that they have at Old Westbury, they have a hall council, a student organization, and schoool presidents and staff that contribute. As an acting member in hall council in Hall 1, I must say that it is a great idea. It makes a way for students to voice their opinions in a group united. The only thing that I am not too fond of at my college is the food that is served.


I nearly cried one day when I went to a clothing store by school and saw every university , college, and trade school in NY mentioned on sweaters and hats but the one spending the most money in the store and also the closest in proximity was not there. Periodically I check my library's college books to see if Old Westbury would be mentioned for once , but it always skips from Old Dominion to Oneonta without of thought of whats in between . Although insignifigant to many others ; Old Westbury means the world to me. Old Westbury has given me a different perspective of the world we live in.I appreciate going to a school where everyone didn't grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth and I can learn in a classroom that has a 65 year old army vetran , a 19 year old basketball star , and a single mother equipped with stroller and have a great time. I have been mentored by deans who take me out to lunch and hear about my day. I can honestly say that I have lifelong friends on faculty at this school. How many other schools could have given me that ?


Don't exclude private schools or dream schools. Don't assume you wont get in or they are too expensive, make sure you apply to tons of scholarships and do your research on campus crime statistics, compare financial aid packages, get involved in every aspect of student life possible. Join student activities, student government, study abroad, go on trips, and make friends that will last a lifetime. If you need help ask for it.


If i could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice i would give myself now that i know about college life i would tell myself that i need to grow up and pay more attention. Also i would tell myself that my attitude would not take me no where because alot of people wouldnt like it, especially when you go to an interview for a job because thats what they look forin a person.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I'd tell myself first, there is no reason to rush away from home. In my mind I was so set on going away to school. Now that I am away I see that paying for school is extremely frustrating to pay for. Most of the money you pay isn't even for tuition at my school it's for room and board. If I was back in time I would have went to the community college for two years and then transferred out. Now there will be a massive amount of loans to pay back when I graduate college. Also moving from home to the dorm life is easy to get adjusted to. Many people may get nervous being put in a new place with all these new people. Questions run through your mind like, "Will people like me?" or "Will I dislike my roommate?" The roommate situation also is perfectly fine. Being a single child I thought I wouldn't be able to deal with sharing and having someone always there. With my roommate we have no issues. I love college.


I would be upfront and truthful with myself. I would tell myself that dual enrollment during senior year would make things easier for me and help me in the future. I would also emphasize that college is hard but enjoyable, and that it is necessary to apply yourself in your studies. I would make sure to mention that going to advising in order to make a plan for classes and financial aid is very important, because if you are not organized you are only making things harder for yourself. I would tell myself that making use of the available tutoring for harder classes is unbelievably beneficial. Lastly, I would tell myself to take my own advice, because at this point I wish I could have known all of these things back in senior year of high school.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would sugguest to go away to school. I did not have a hard time transitioning but I feel this is because I attend a small college. I would really would encourage myself to go to a college that I would be dorming at. This is because I feel that dorming forces you to become more responsible, independent, self reliant and allows a student to grow up in ways they are unable to while living at home. This also gives you the oppertunity to see the different types of lifestyles that people lead. I would also advise myself to become more involved in campus events, clubs, etc. These activites will open your eyes to the world around you and allow insight to things one would normally not think about and question. Also I would advise myself to stay focused on my schoolwork and keep a good work ethic. College allows for more freedom, but you have to be careful how you use this freedom. Take too much advantage of it and your schooling will suffer. Otherwise enjoy yourself, this is the best time of your life.


I would tell myself to avoid credit card companies that come to the campus and solicit services to unknowing college students. iI would advise myself that women will always be around and to focus on my studies and not to place myself in uncompromising situations. A college social life is good to have, but not at the expense of my studies and my main goal. I would also tell myself to make the best out of any situation. When I began college, I found myself stuck in a rut because I felt that I was better than SUNY Old Westbury. I was supposed to attend a big named college far from home, not a state university 10 miles away. That attitude made me take my college education for granted. It took a while to find my direction and now that I have, nothing will prevent me from completing my goal of recieving my degree.


If I was allowed to go back in time to tell myself what I know now about college then I would definitely do it. I would tell myself to first study a little harder so I can get a little bit higher grade on my SATs and ACTs. I would also tell myself to research about the major i want. Go to the different schools' websites, and college fairs, and talk to the representatives about each college. I would notice the little things in each college choice and compare them to my needs. I need to make a checklist and make sure each college has fulfilled every step. The one major detail I needed to do is to find out how specific my major is being taught in that school. I found out that the school I am attending doesn't really specify in my feild so I have to transfer. I knew it before I applied but I should of thought more into it. Now I have to do this whole process again. We need to make the school work for us. I have to make it MY school so that I am satisfied with the outcome.


When someone says they wish they could go back in time I can't help but think to myself, why? As a student who has been to 3 diffrent colleges, you would think I would love to go back in time and change my past. Starting off at an expensive private college with no real clue on what I wanted to do with my place in thw world, I tried to become a nurse. I wanted to help and thats all I knew. But soon enough, I found myself wishing I never chose that option. Then, I transferred to a community college so I could get a clue and learn about the real world, not the world I thought I knew in high school. I met friends, worked part time, and figured out who I was. When I observed a classroom I realized I couldn't wait to start my journey in education. Through the hard times, I could have easily sat there and wished I could travel back and change my ways, but I didn't and I won't. We learn from our mistakes and they make us who we are. Enjoy now and live in the present.


There is so much advice I would give myself if I had the oppurtunity to go back into time and visit myself during my High School Senior Year. Well for one, I would definitely advise myself to take more college credit classes, where I would have the ability of attending High School, but get a better idea of how classes in college are actually set-up. Next, would be to figure out how to manage my time. I've been working ever since I was 16 years old, so it's always been balancing school and work at the same time. And when you walk into college, the work load definitely changes. When in college, you are looked at as an adult, who can make their own decisions, and know when they need help, where as in High School, there was someone always there to help, even though you may not need it. Basically, the advice would all be about being an adult and learning how to make wise decisions, and know when to set-up and ask for assistance when needed. There are always people who are willing to help, but you have to be willing too.


How you doing kid? Good. Let me start with this Andrew, before you enter college learn that college life is very interesting. I use the word interesting for there are many aspects in which you can distract you from your primary goals, which are to earn respect from your teachers, to be deserving of good grades, to particapte in a modest amount of school activities but as not to intefere with your job work or your school work. You however don't get distracted but the warning is necessary for this is you in the future to guarantee you an insight on what will transpire later on. You will run into dilemmeas in your life but don't get discouraged. Just press on doing you work, be there for family and never back down, for cowards die a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once. I mean don't be nervous of any situation, take control of a situation before it takes control over you. You will be fine but still be careful and as always hooha. No Army untill you finish college okay? Goodluck bro.


I would let myself know that taking time off is not such a bad thing. Being worked up over going to college right away and taking classes in a field that your heart is not in is a waste of time and money. Take a semester off to travel, because life is not all about work and following the traditional way of living. You dont have to go to the "University" where your going to rack up debt on something you wont even love doing. If you cant decide on a major where you will work your hardest and be able to make a career within, then take a liberal arts degree and see where you would feel comfortable. In the future your going to realize that most college students change their major after the first year anyway. Also take senior year seriously and apply for every scholarship you can physically endure, it will pay off in the end.


make sure you really do your research, spend a week end if you can, talk to students, whatever it takes !!!


make sure you join a diverse group of activities to meet al the different people you can, and a diverse group of classes so you know your major is def the right one for you. Never put down state schools low tuition but they are incredible schools.


Findan all around school. Affordable and that provides a good education.


It's important to find an environment you like among the student body. If you do not enjoy the campus life, you won't enjoy the college no matter how good the professors are.


Go with the advice you get from people you trust, don't worry about where your friends are going, or what your emotions are telling you. Look at the environment of the school, and the attitude toward learning, not just how nice it looks, because that's easy to fake. As for advice, apply yourself to your work, approach your teachers with respect, and see just how far that will get you, both in college, and in life. Don't look down on your classmates, for any reason, especially once you are in classes with students who are headed for the same careers as you are. They can be your best lifelines in any stressful situations, and most likely you will have them in class after class. Do not be afraid to ask for help, from professors and classmates, professors respect students who know their limits, and are not ashamed of them. Professors get discouraged when it seems like you're not trying, so do your best, and know where to go for help. Most of all, enjoy it! If you can't relax during classes, then make sure to unwind during the breaks, otherwise you'll burn out.


be as involved in the prosess as possible and when visiting a school go beyond what they normally show you, because they may only be showing you what they want you to see


Don't stress yoursleves on finding the right school the first time out. you always have the ability to transfer. instead try to find the school that is the right fit for you. only when you are apart of a school will you realize what this school really offers you. or what you can possibly offer your school. because when you have the ability to start something in your school, you really feel important. it's something that is great to have on a resume' and it feels good. i repeat, find the right fit.


do all your reasearch and ask a lot of questions about the school, its activities and everything else. Dont leave any rock unturned, get every question answered.


Choosing a college is a very important step in a person's career. The first college that I went to did not work out for me, so when I transferred, I had some experience that helped me choose the right school. Many large private schools draw people in with their attractive campuses and fancy buildings. This, however does not make a school. The most important thing to find out about a school is how helpful the faculty is. It is important to find a mentor in college that will help you build your resume. A good school will have many student advocates and many career opportunities for their students. It will also have a very diverse student body, which exposes you to different kinds of people you will encounter in life. An older student population gets more respect from faculty and a diverse student body decreases the chance of experiencing bias from professors. Although my first school had a beautiful campus, clean buildings and associations with big companies, its faculty was uninterested in students, and its lab facilities were poor. It seemed like more money was spent on advertising than educating. At my new school, the focus is on students.


Start the process early. You really want to get as much information about the university as possible and you want to visit several time. Pop up and just walk around when they are not hosting an event or open house. That is how you will truly see what to expect when you attend. Make sure to pop up on a thursday night (thats when all the action happens) and also during the weekend. Talk to students of different class standing and get their experiences as well. Attend a program and keep up with their web sites so that you can experience the culture of the university. I would say also to find out what kind of grades the students usually get and find out how man traditional and non-traditional student they accept (this is very important). Make sure to ask students if that university was their first choice and how intelectually stimulating it is. Make sure that the school offers the program you want, never waste time and plan to transfere; it's just a waste of money and time. Most of all check out the living facilities and make sure to do everything ontime. Good Luck!!!!


College is a great change from highshool for most. Its a time when you make the transition from a child to an adult. You"ll be confronted by many people and situations, where your reactions will determine who you are. For many students this is the point in their life where they have some of their most exciting experiences and make friends that last a lifetime. I honestly believe that the college experience consists of two things : fun and education. Therefore when choosing your college make sure that is somewhere that you feel comfortable living ( checking to see what people do there for fun look for activities that interest you sports or clubs and join) but also a place where you feel like you will be able to learn and (check out classroom sizes and study areas) Ultimately we come to college to get an education that will carry us to the career of our choice, so always manage your time well and make sure to stay on top of all of your work. But remember to make the most of the experience, meet new people and try new things, all of this adds to your development as a person.


When deciding on continung your education and attempting to find the right school, it will never be easy. Thats why it is important to do your research on which ever institution you are looking into. Time and money have become way to valuable for you not to be satisfied with the education you are recieving. For young students beginning college for the first time the social aspect of college might be intriguing, but the reality of the situation is that the education and the degree which you are attempting to recieve is more valuable than a current social life. Becareful about the decisions you make because they will affect you in the future.