SUNY College at Old Westbury Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The diversity allows for students to interact with other cultures and become respective and understaing of behaviors within these varying cultures. The school's professors are excellent in their fields even though they may not be experts. Having such supportive staff allows for students to focus on learning and gaining the best out of their college experience.


The people I've met there. I've made many great friend as well as discovered the type of people that I do not want to associate with.


Small campus with uncrowded classrooms and very knowlegable professors.


MY School is a diverse campus that has alot of opportunities for everyone. Majority of the student body commutes, but the school is working on more housing and building a better college experience for both its commuter students and residential students. Since ive been on campus there have been several events on campus that allow the student body to mingle and advance in both academic and social aspects of the college experience.


the diversity, the accessibility, being able to easily discuss things with other individuals.


The teaching faculty really care for their students.