SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Once in major classes, class sizes are small and teachers engage and care for your success.


By far the most diverse atmosphere where an open minded approach to many varying opinions fosters a truly enlightening educational experience.


My school has a welcoming environment, allowing for people to feel at home.


SUNY Oswego gave me unforgettable memories, connections, and friends both in and out of class and is a school I would reccommend to all.


My school aims for everyone to become the very best that they can possibly be and will definitely help to speed the process up, sometimes even to the point of integrating certain things into the academic requirements; everyone should work diligently towards their goals but remember to have fun and relax, too, and always take care of the world and people around us while remembering to care for ourselves as well.


SUNY Oswego is a friendly, accomodating campus


Oswego gets a lot of snow during the winter and our school also has many activities and school run recreational events that allow students to get involved in whatever ways they want.


Oswego is the perfect school to make all my dreams come true.


SUNY Oswego is a great school with great programs that will push you to be the best , professional you can be.


The college is willing to help you out anyway that it can, as long as you the stidnet are willing to help yourself.


Oswego State is a a culturally diverse school with lots of extra curricular activites.


SUNY Oswego is a campus that gives students the opportunity to develop and begin their career; through their clubs and variety of majors and minors students can decide on a career, and once they do that they can begin to create an impressive resume for the future.


My school is fun and enlightening, and it will give you the tools you need to succeed if you seek them out.


It is a beautiful campus with a fantastic sunset.


SUNY Oswego is a small-medium sized college known for its School of Business. It resides just off of Lake Ontarion in the Northeastern United States.


I think my school is a great place to learn and expand your knowledge and become a well rounded student and to learn many new things, at my school you meet many new people with a variety and interests, and at my school you dont need to drink to have fun.


My school focuses on acedemics and achivement; however, there tend to be a lot of drinking on-campus which is why I choose to live off-campus.


Extremely cold and windy during winter


Great place to Study.


Oswego was one of the best experiences of my life, and if I could go back and spend another 4 years there, I would.


SUNY Oswego provides an excellent education.


SUNY Oswego encourages student growth and opportunities for future aspirations while building personal and professional relationships.


Very large, much larger than I am used to.


Fun and welcoming campus


Oswego is very windy and cold in the winter and that makes it hard to want to go to class!


Liberal with a proven ability to sometimes become Reactionary.


It's a lot of work like most colleges but is more fun than others as well.


My school is just the right size, has a great atmosphere with great people, and if I had to choose all over again, I wouldn't choose any differently.


SUNY Oswego is a miserable experience.