SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at Oswego are dedicated hardworkers, who know how to unwind and have a good time when the work is done.


Open minded individuals with a passion for education and making the world better.


I am in the Honors Program, and a lot of my classes are just with other kids in the Honors Program. I find them to be very hard-working and dedicated. It isn't like high school anymore where kids complain every day about school- my classmates are here to learn, and that is evident in their attitude and habits. There are, of course, some kids that would rather be anywhere else, but I find them to be the minority instead of the majority.


They are mostly irresponsible and then expect the professor to bend over backwards to help them out, when in fact they didn't try hard enough in the first place.


Students seem generally motivated and hard working. While there are a few students who do slack off, most students I have interacted with have been self-motivated and dedicated. Students are generally polite (it's rare to see a door not held open), and the residence halls are all friendly communities. The school could very well be described as a party school, as it is true that most students enjoy having a good time and there is a vibrant social atmosphere.


Expect most that you encounter to be "friends" during the course of the semester, but not so much after that.


My classmates are incredibly diverse, it seems impossible to describe them, especially since we have so many different types of people on camups; we work hard and play hard and strive to keep an open mind so that we will not be shut off from the world that we live in and care for so much.


they really kind and generous


My classmates are very outgoing and many are hard working although some complain about the workload.


Easy to get along with and laid back.




classmates are not that into the topics and subjects.


They are a lot like me, do what they have to, to get a good grade


There are a very diverse group of individuals that attend Oswego. They range in age from 18 to 60. The students are very serious about there work and also enjoy a very active social life.




make the classes fun


My classmates are generally friendly and helpful.


There often miss classes and show up late.


Depending on the class, and their reasons for choosing it, they can be helpful or antisocial, or try to scam homework from you. They're regular people.


Very young, most of my classmates are fresh out of highschool and just findings out what it's like to be away from mom and dad.


Studious but not lame.


Interactive people with different perspectives regarding many issues in education.


Great People to work with