SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The beautiful sunset and wonderful friends I have made.


Everything. SUNY Oswego has a great campus, great staff and great student. What more could you ask for?! The tight knit community makes it easy to adjust to the school. My favorite part of the school is that both my sister and I attend the university full time. Our buildings our connected by a dining hall and fitness center. We can easily meet up, regardless of pesky weather!


I loved Oswego. I received an excellent education, the faculty was friendly and knowledgeable, and the community was wonderful. I met some wonderful people in Oswego that became lifetime friends. The location is beautiful. Campus is located right on Lake Ontario, and although it can be brutally cold and snowy in the winter, it feels like you are on the ocean in the spring and summer. I graduated from the business school. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful when it came to career advice. Overall, SUNY Oswego has the whole package, and tuition was extremely affordable.


SUNY Oswego is a beautiful campus on the shores of Lake Ontario. The sunsets are georgeous; they are supposed to be one of the top destinations in the world to watch the sunset. The atmosphere at school is helpful and supportive. The students from all over New York, are friendly. You will find that you are building relationships that will last a life time. Oswego is not a highly competitive school, nor a 'druggie' school. There is a lot of drinking, but all in good fun. You will find a good balance between work and play here.


Going to school at Oswego State is such a different experience. In the Spring you can go swimming and enjoy camp fires on lake ontario and in the winter you can go skiing everyday.


I brag about all the fun I have in my school. I tell my friends back home that college was the best desicion I have ever made. I tell them about all my new friends that I have met, the cheerleading team, about all the activities to do such as; swimmimg at the lake, playing volleyball and swimming in our indoor swimming pool. I have convinced two of my friends who chose not to go to college and one is attending at college in the spring and the other in looking into it next fall. I love my awesome college.


When I return home I brag about how my school has a wide variety of options and different programs it has to offer, as well as how professional and understanding the falculty and student body is. I discusss how I don't pay tuition out the rear, and how I am at a large State University and I want to spend the next four years there, and how happy I am to be a Laker!


That I'll be leaving that place soon.


I brag about the beauty of the campus and the city that it is located in. There are many areas in town that cater to the college students and Lake Ontario is in our back yard! Sailboats and jet skis fly by while the students sit on the shore watching. They have picnics outside by the Lake. This is what I brag about first and most.


Party life. It is a very fun and party driven school. Academics are also challenging and demanding based upon strict NYS standards. However, the friends and expereinces you will have at this school are amazing.


I made amazing friends that I know will be in my life forever.


lots of girls, partying, friends


The upper classmen made me feel comfortable from my first day here. It made the transition from high school really easy.


I studied abroad. The school has a good study abroad system and a very supportive staff. We also have many support offices ; career services, transfer student mentors, etc.


the lake, the friendliness, the variety of organizations


The fun and the people are really friendly.


the theatre department the bars my rugby team


The smaller class sizes. Now that I'm a senior almost all of my classes are less than 50 students. It's really nice and personal. The professors also get to know their students, which is nice.


the hockey team is really good. the size of the campus is a good size with how far you have to walk to classes and how long it takes you.