SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I believe that Oswego is a great place to attend school if you are looking for a small college community. Although the campus space is large, SUNY Oswego is pretty small in population when compared to other schools across the United States. Oswego, as a town, is definitely a college town, many of the businesses here strive on our presence and are glad we are here to go to the bars, clubs, rent housing, and shop. The best thing about Oswego is the ability to stand out. On a small campus it is not hard to make a name for yourself and really get to know faculty and staff. Although there are some large lecture classes, it is possible to become close with professors and really learn from their experiences and advice on your field of interest. When I tell people I attend SUNY Oswego, they usually have no clue what Oswego is, although this might seem negative it also allows you to set the bar. When meetings strangers, the way you carry yourself as an Oswego student can create a picture for the individual on what this campus is truly like. I spend the most time in the classroom when I am on campus. Although there are opportunities to join clubs, it is also important to finish one's major to graduate on time when considering all of the General Education Courses. These might slow one down and make it difficult to build a strong GPA while graduating on time. Taking extra time in the classroom is important to academic success here. Recent controversy on campus is limited parking. As we are expanding and building new parts of our campus, such as the science building, there are limited parking spots. This causes off-campus students to park there car a couple miles from campus and have shuttle buses bring them to and from their cars. This is a huge issue on campus that frustrated most students who commute or have their own apartments in town. As complaints have been submitted, there are no signs of change coming soon. As experience I will always remember about Oswego is the ability to connect with our alumni. There are organizations such as the Future Alumni Network and the ASK Program which allow students to connect with alumni to create opportunity for their future careers.