SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who knows how to balance a night life with their schoolwork. I've seen my share of hung over kids in the morning, it's not good. Alternatively, if you have an interest in business, this is a good place to start as any!


Oswego is a great place for anyone who can tolerate the winter months. It is most recognized for its excellent education and busniess programs. I think Oswego can be a great fit for almost anyone. On a sports level, it's a great school for hockey players. We are very proud of our hockey team and they have the entire community's support.


SUNY Oswego is a wonderful university with many diverse opportunities. I attended SUNY Oswego for three semesters and have made many good friends and connections there. I transfered out because I decided that I wanted to become a pharmacist, and was accepted into a Pre-pharmaceutical program. I left Oswego only a few weeks ago but I will miss it dearly. Students who are interested in creating unforgettable friends and memories are encouraged to go here. Oswego offers many ammenities to resident and commuting students, and they offer many different majors and minors to suit almost any student.


Students who are interested in studying accounting, education, and media. Our school is known for accounting and education. Dorming in college is also a plus in the school, because it's a great way to meet new people and there is always something going on in the school.


Any kinds of person from different background and person who is familiar with village living.


Someone who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals, but still have some time for fun as well. It's important to have balance in your life when at Oswego, building relationships with your professors and peers makes the experience all that more enjoyable.


This college is best for someone who can appreciate the beauty of a historical school, with a modern edge to it. It?s great for someone who wants to get involved and make the most of their college education. It?s also great for sports fans, seeing as the athletic teams (especially the hockey team) are phenomenal. Because Oswego is a smaller school, it?s a very close-knit community and you truly get a sense of community from the student body at this school. It's also great for those who prefer more attention due to the smaller classes.


People willing to learn, and not just in the classrooms. One of the great things about SUNY Oswego is that it is a vibrant community full of people that are more than willing to help you grow. The people who attend SUNY Oswego should be optimistic and full of the desire to learn and better themselves.


The kind of person who should attend this college is someone who is dedicated and responsible. You must be dedicated in the amount of time you devote to your studies, work and classes. This college entails a lot of homework involved outside a classroom setting and requires a student to attend every scheduled class. It is a student?s responsibility to work hard in order to obtain and maintain a good grade point average.


Someone who is interested in business, education, or ice hockey would be right at home at SUNY Oswego, but other majors shouldn't be discouraged. Students shouldn't be afraid of a little bit--or a LOT--of snow and wind.




I would say that somebody who doesn't mind the snow and somebody who is open-minded and excited to meet lots of new people should attend SUNY Oswego. There is a lot of partying that goes on here, but there are also a lot of students who choose not to get involved in that so if someone is not a big partier, they shouldn't feel uncomfortable. Anybody who is looking to have a fun and exciting 4 years at college would love Oswego, as long as they can learn to deal with the mass amounts of snow.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that likes to go out and have a good time with a group of close friends, but also can stay in and study and work hard academically just as well. Both partiers, book nerd, and everyone in between can attend this particular kind of school.


Every type of person would love this school. The campus is very diverse . There is every ethnic group represented and country kids as well as city kids. Many come up from Long Island and NY City.


People who have an idea of what they want. Most people need to be self-sufficient to do well. It's easy for slackers to get lost in the crowd and drop out. The coursework is not necessarily intense, but it is moderate in terms of homework and projects. It's easy to wait until the week of to do a lot of the projects. There is no set type of person in terms of urban or suburban people.


Any type of person could attend SUNY Oswego. The people and staff here are very kind and accomodating, and are not judgmental in any way. There are many different people who come from many different cultures who attend this school, as well as people with different types of disabilities. All are accepted and treated with respect.


All kinds! There is something for everyone here. It's actually kind of a small school, but it's nice and there are so many clubs and organizations available to join.