SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is solely focused on studies shouldn't attend this school. It is very career based and there are honors programs, but one of the biggest complaints from people are the amount of parties that go on during the year.


Someone who doesn't want to have big lecture halls for freshman classes.


People who are afraid of harsh weather should definitely not attend this school- being right on Lake Ontario, the wind is very harsh during the winter. Also, Oswego puts a strong emphasis on campus unity, so students who do not like to get involved would probably not feel comfortable here.


The kind of person who is extremely conservative and does not drink or have sex before marriage. I am all of the above and have gotten considerable ridicule for this. It's isolating but I don't mind. I'm focused on school and my future and I have a very full life at home.


A person who doesnt like large settings such as, classroom, population, etc. it may be overwhelming especially if they came from a small high school.


A person whose not looking for a really crowded school but, wants to make long lasting relationships while getting a good education.


Someone who doesn't enjoy social interaction should not come here. On-campus involvement has been a big part of my experience here, not to mention the school has a reputation for having a strong social scene.


Someone who cannot control their social life vs their academic life; Oswego has TONS of social opportunitties, and if you can't say "No, I need to study now", you will fail. Also, if you hate the cold and bad weather, it's not for you.


Suny Oswego is an excellent school for any type of person. Oswego is a very cold place during the winter and we get a lot of snow, so a person who enjoys that type of climate would be ideal for the Oswego State campus.


Someone who hates the cold and does not drink alcohol.


People who like warm weather, or can't stand wind chill.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is here just to party and not learn, or someone who doesn't care about graduating and doing well.


I would not attent this school if you do not like snow .


anyone too conservative or too judgemental


Quiet or shy people


Stuck up lazy ones


Someone who is stuck up. Someone who isn't open minded and sheltered.


A person who wants to get involved with the college community. The town is small so the student shouldn't expect a fast pace lifestyle.