SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't worry about not knowing anyone when you get there. Most freshmen don't. You will meet people and they will be friendly. It will be okay!


If I could go back in time to speak to myself as a high school senior, I would have a lot to say. That was a difficult year for me. I was struggling with an eating disorder, and my parents were pretty emotionally destructive. They would always tell me I wasn't good enough, that I was lazy, that I would never amount to anything, and that they wouldn't pay for college. If I could speak to myself back then, I would tell myself "Don't worry. It seems bad, but everything will be alright! You don't need to starve yourself, because you're beautiful and not at all fat and it won't make you feel better about your home life. Your parents are wrong- you ARE something-" and then I would secretly tell her that in just a year, she would have a job, a boyfriend, great friends and be on the right track towards getting a degree. If I could have taken that pain away from 17 year old Margaret, I would have, but that struggle inspired her to succeed.


I should have gone to a community college around me for 2 years. It's financially smart. If only I was financially smart at 17.


I would tell myself to finish the Associate's degree before entering Oswego state. I would also assure myself that college is the best choice that I will make in my lifetime and that the experiences and friends will stay with me forever. I remeber being so afraid of the world and unsure of what I will do with my life and how I will get to that point. I would definitely tell myself that Oswego State is going to teach me how to better interact with others and enable me to take control of my life in such a proactive way that I will make leaps and bounds in my academic journey and personal enrichment. Myself now telling myself then would definitely stress the advantages of the many learning experiences that I will have once in college. These advantages and experiences will not only be experienced inside the classroom, but also as a member of the student senate and as becoming President and Vice President of my student union. I would definitely stress that the life I had known up until my graduation seriously pales to what I will experience in the four years I will spend at Oswego.


I would tell myself to calm down! I spent my entire senior year stressing about classes and making friends, but the whole process turned out to be so much easier than I had expected. I would tell myself to enjoy senior year, because college is an entirely different experience. When entering college, you start at the bottom all over again, and it is important to value the time you have at the top. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, because you do not realize how quickly the bills pile up. It is true that going out with friends may seem like the better option at the time, but in the long-run, reducing debt is the most important thing you can do.


I would tell my High School Senior self to have confidence and believe in her self more. She should always ask questions to her teachers, her classmate and counsoler when she doesnt understand a topic or a situatuion that she can't handle by herself. she meet with a counsler and discuss her general requirment to a four year University, and she should take the easy classes first so she can understand more about the college system before taking the harder class. I would also strongly advise her to do well in all her classes and aim for A, so she can have a higher GPA and it will help her get into a good university. I understand that you are going experience some diffulculties along the road but she should be strong and believe in herself because she is capable of doing anything she puts her mind into it. The most vaulable lesson i would like to tell her is to learn to love her self more because that is essential for success in college.


I would tell myself to study harder and get a higher average. I would also tell myself not to stress over college too much because it has all worked out just great.


Work hard! It may seem easy at first but it is important to keep up on studying and not to slack off. You will find that you have a lot more growing up to do but always be true to yourself.


I would go back in time and tell myself to follow my gut. My instincts told me to accept my presidential scholarship at RIT and suck up the extra cost to go to my number one choice school, but Oswego's low pricing won out. Making the transition is easy when one is able to relate to a person or group of people with shared interests, which I feel I would've been more able to make at a different school.


I would tell myself to stop hanging around with the wrong people. I need people in my life who support and encourage me. Those who try to bring me down or prevent me from reaching my potential are unnecessary drama. I would tell myself to go to class every day and take it more seriously than I did in high school.


Dear Devante, this is your alter ego Vante and i am now a senior in college. I came to warn you, first about being laid back, in the begining of the year and then trying to catch up and be focus at the end of the year. Well college is nothing like high school. If you get behind in the begining of your semester, it will be very hard to catch up, and most professors won't let you catch up. So all the extra credit your trying to do just to boost your grade it's not going to work. Another thing is, it's not all about social life, you need to have time for yourself, instead of trying to hang out with your girlfriend, playing basketball with your "boys". If you have time for yourself, you will have time to do your homework, study and even read a book. Another thing do not get a girlfriend before college it's not going to work out. And plus you don't need any more stress that you have already. Ya'll will probably be in different colleges anyways, now its long distant. Ok Devante, Remember what i said.


Despite the mundane and routine environment that high school offers you still need to apply yourself better. I know this all comes easy to you, but that does not mean that you should put off your homework only to finish it minutes before it is due. You could have easily maintain a much better grade point average if you just tried. Ok, so you aren't doing completely awful. You have never failed a class and rarely make a C. That is all fantastic if you are so content with being a barely above average student. Why don't you buckle down and go for gold? If you would've tried harder it would not have been difficult at all to maintain something of a 4.0 grade point average, and I wouldn't be going to a community college for you right now picking up the slack. Guess what highschool me, I have a 4.0 grade point average, so I don't want to hear any excuses. You should strive for greatness, unless you would rather attend a community college rather than a high class university. All you have to do is put a little more effort in.


As a high school senior, you're focused on friends and the now, much more than the future. I know when I was a senior, I was dedicating a majority of my time to cheerleading and other extracurriculars. However now with my knowledge about college life, I wish I would have prepared myself more for the future and focusing on the detachment of my hometown. Removing yourself from what you're used to and the people you've grown up with is not an easy task! Preparing yourself to leave and take a step into adulthood opens your eyes into a new reality. Though it may seem hard to let go of what you've always known, use what you have learned the past eighteen years as stepping stones to a brighter future.


The main point I would tell myself would be to place more focus on interactions with the faculty, rather than the look of the buildings or atmosphere of the campus. While the visual appeal of the campus is important, I feel I may have become to focused on the physical appereance of the campus and missed out on opportunites to interact with potential professors. After completing one semester I realize now that, while it is nice to go to school in an enjoyable atmosphere, interaction with professors will always have a much larger impact on your day and thus overall college experience. I can manage staying in a dorm room I may feel is to cramped, but having to deal with a difficult professor day after day can really weigh on a person. I think the main reason why more emphasis may be put toward observing the atmosphere is that, for a high school senior, interacting with new professors at an open house or tour can be intimidating. The vast amount of new things being introduced was a lot for me to take in, which caused me to be more reserved around professors, leading me to ask less question.


Should have offered college visits, looked into what the school was strong in, and she should have offered a school that offered many majors


There are just a couple things I would have been happy knowing about before making the transition from high school to college. Although, the advice would not reveal a whole lot of what happens in this transition because this uncertainty is what makes the transition exciting and memorable. One tip I would definitely give myself before this transition would be not to be so worried about the process; everything will work out fine. Additionally, I would have told myself to try not to impress everyone and just be me. There are so many people in college and the world that will like you for who you are. Being you is entirely less stressful and usually comes with doing things that are of huge accomplishments. Lastly, I would have to myself to have an open mind. This is what my opinion on what college is really about. Having an open mind to the certain people and their views on the world is crucial to growing as a person. This transition is an uncertain and scary time in a person’s life but, it is also a time for getting to know yourself and growing as a person.


Obviously, from my college experience I will obtain what everybody's end goal is-a degree. I will have a tool that will assist me in becoming a successful, productive member of my society. However, college has been valuable for many other reasons. Group work is unavoidable, and while I dreaded it, it ended up being beneficial. I am now secure in my abilities to work alongside others in a professional environment. I have also been involved in on campus activities and oranizations such as WNYO (the student-run radio station), and the Judicial Affairs hearing board. Not only do these things give me experience in potential career fields, but they have also helped me increase my independence and self confidence. I have two and a half years left of undergraduate school, and I'm excited to see what else I can gain.


I have made many friends during the course of my college experience. I have met many upperclassmen students that are willing to assist younger students in various ways. I have been able to practice my major, journalism, because of the student run newspaper. It has been valuable to attend SUNY Oswego because I have learned many new things that I would not have learned about if I did not attend this school. I have made many friends with all different backgrounds allowing me to experience different things.


Firstly, going away to attend any college or university is very beneficial to many students and helps teens and young adults to become more confident and self-reliant. SUNY Oswego presented me with the chance to live independently, go to school, and work while in a secure environment. While dorming, I found that there were many enjoyable and welcoming people to talk with as well as many clubs and activities to become involved with, either through residence life or ohter academic departmants. SUNY Oswego offers many amenities, such as three gym locations including a gym for just atheletes, as well as Lee Hall, an open rec facility for all students. There are also many intramural and club sports apart from varsity sports that any student can join. All of the above helped me to expand my horizons and meet new students during my attendance at SUNY Oswego. Sadly, I could not stay at Oswego for financial reasons and because I decided to become a pharmacist, one of the few things that is not offered at SUNY Oswego. The past three semesters were unforgettable and have allowed me to grow up to acquire sense and smarts alike.


I have matured so much since I graduated high school and began to attend college. Starting at community college made me realize that it is not the name of the school that matters, as I listened to tales of friends racking up high bills without knowing what they really wanted to do in life. At the end of the day, we are getting approximately the same knowledge. My undergraduate experience, although lacking socially, gave me the ability to grow academically and unleash a potential I otherwise might not have even known I had. Now I am attending a graduate school which is the perfect complement to my previous two colleges -- it is a career-oriented university that inspires me to lead. I may have been prepared academically after graduating with my Bachelor's degree, but I have come to learn that I was not as ready as I thought I was for the work force. Today, I am not only ready to launch a career, but I am more independent, confident, and goal-oriented than ever before. I feel that the path I have followed after high school was the perfect one for me.


Well, i have never attended collage but im real excited to start now in December because thats something i have benn want it to do for a long time was get my life toghether with something i like doing or i would like doing.


I gained a lot of studying skills, the ability to budget my time, and organize myself. I also broaded my social capabilities and became much more confident in social situations. I learned to cooperate with people from many different social backgrounds who value some things differently from the way I do. All of these skills are important out in the business world. You have to be able to cooperate with whoever you end up working with. In most cases, you don't get to choose your coworkers. Being tolerant of all cultures is important. Being able to budget your time well and stay organized is also very important. I also learned how to talk to clients and get the information I need to complete projects.


So far, coming to college has been one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I have reconstructed my dreams while still holding onto the parts of them that have made me into the person I am, but at the same time I have become so much more than the person I was before. I have made great friends, joined organizations that I would never have thought about before, gained so much self-confidence and pride, and most of all I have gained the courage to be myself and everything that comes with it. If I had not come to college, I doubt that I would be anywhere near as comfortable with who I am and what I can be as I currently am, and I have no doubt that my mind would have become narrower and narrower without the stimulation I have received from being here. Before, I was listening to what others would tell me to do and aiming to please them at the expense of my own success and happiness; now, I live for me, my success, and my happiness as well as the success and happiness of others.


What I've gotten so far from my college experience is making my family proud and having a better relationship with them all. My mother is proud that I am setting a good example to my younger sister who will be graduating High School soon, I decided to attend college to better mine and my daughter's future.


i have not attended college yet. i want to start this winter. i am a divorced single mother who has been trying to get back on her feet. i have had no luck finding a job an i am forced to live at home with my mom. i desperately need to go back to college. for my sake an my daughters.


I could point out the obvious and say that college has taught me what college is like, and that it is a lot different than high school, but I can tell you I've learned a lot more than that. Going to Muskegon Community College has shown me what it is like to have a responsibility. It has taught me what it means to not be able to stay home on Mondays just because I don't feel good. College has taught me the hardships of the world and ways through them, not around them. I can honestly say that I know that without a college education I will not make it in today's world; this I also owe to college. It has been beyond valuable to me, it is an experience that I now crave. I am not forced to go into class everyday, because it is something that I want to do; something that I like to do.


I’m a mid-life Mom going back to school for a second chance on life. When I turned 50 last year I spent some time thinking about where I was going in life and what I was doing that was meaningful or had value. I realized, besides the fact that my two children are nearly grown and would not need me in a couple of years, that I have been greatly privileged to live in the US; and that I have a deep desire to help people come up out of poverty. I started attending graduate school last year and for the first time in many years I’m feeling happy, and energized. The degree that I’m pursuing is in Global Affairs and I’m learning about so many things that I’ve heard about but never understood before like; trade imbalances, the implications of the UN’s and the WTO’s policy decisions; and the many times in history where poor people have stood up and nonviolently brought about change. It is having a tremendous impact on my life, and I hope will enable me to become more helpful to my fellow man.


By attending college I have forced by brain to think at a different level. It's until you have trained your brian to think outside the box that you look at whats on the surface, and not what is on the inside. Through college I have learned a brod spectrum of life long qualities such as, time management, responsibility, finacial planning, adulthood, and how to connect with the ones around me as well. For many, school is only looked at as a place of learning about what's in text books, I on the other hand intertwine both curiculme and life long quilities when refering to my college learning experiance. With college being one of my top priorities of value, I find it in my reasoning to be rather simplistic. Without college an indiviuals mind does not develop to it's fullest potential which is aquired over time through the life long changing opportunities and learning!


My college experience so far has definetly been an eventful one. So many things have changed since i first arrived here a little over a year ago. I have learned a lot about others, as well as myself. I have grown from an immature, irresponsible boy into a productive young man, capable of making positive contributions to society. I employ the skills i have acuired so far to help others and solve problems in the community. The 50 plus community service hours I logged last year are clear proof of my dedication to helping others and making a difference. These hours took place in spite of the busy life i led on campus, and were balanced with the 15 credits i was taking, a job, and a position on my hall's council as treasurer. Before i came to college, i was a lazy, selfish, and ignorant person. Needless to say, things were rough when i realized who i was, and that i really needed to make a change, if not for myself, for my parents who worked many overtime hours to give me such a valuable experience. I have come a long way, and the journey is just beginning.


I recieved a challenging, but rewarding experience at SUNY Oswego. My time there helped me grow in my character. The campus was a great place to hang out during free time and study time. The people, the lake and the campus kept inviting me to come back. The teachers and staff provided me with the best resources to gain a successful education. I was trained and equipped effectively for my career field. I was guided by professors and challened to the highest potential. So I know I am able to give to job, community and family to my fullest potential.


Going to college has really broadened my horizons. I am currently in the process of finding what I want to do with my life and make it exciting and fun. I have really been able to delve into my studies in the biological sciences and discover where that knowledge could take me. I know I will end up doing something great and I am eager to find out what that is. Whatever it is, I want to be passionate about it and be able to have fun with it every day. At the same time I am very excited to have learned about several other disciplines through my general education classes. This has helped me to gain perspective on the world by deepening my knowledge of other cultures and people. They have really inspired me to travel the world and see things first hand in order to understand different people and places. Any career that I find in biology will be enhanced by the knowledge I have gained from these classes and the knowledge i will gain from my travels.


Before i graduated from high school, i had no idea where I wanted to attend college. I didnt know where I would fit in best or how far away from home I wanted to be. AT SUNY Oswego i am the perfect distance away from home and i feel at home here as well. I met so many people that i have become great friends with and have a lot of fun here as well. It is so valuable for me to be here because SUNY Oswego has an excellent accounting and MBA program that will allow me to excel in the future. SUNY Oswego is preparing me for whatever job im going to get after college.


Through my experience at my community college, I have found enough ecouragement from my professors to continue studying music. To the musicians and teachers at the college, music is more then notes on a page or listening to an ipod. The concept of learning music benifits the student in many ways, such as improving cooperation skills and academic standards. My professors have taught me the knowledge needed to become a great musician, as well as what I need to continue my education at a university. I have learned many valuable musical skills from my teachers, but have also grown into an adult, being capable of having responisbilities and determination to complete life-long goals, which I will apply to all of my future endeavors.


College has been a tremendous experience and I look forward to continuing it. I've grown as a person, become more independent and self-reliant and feel that I am growing more and more. I am more comfortable with myself, more confident ( which I lacked before starting college), more comfortable around other, have learned how to meet new people. From the people I've met, I've learned about different lifestyles, different ways of life and it is interesting to hear different peoples stories as you go along. I have also become a better student as my study habits have improved, I am extremely motivated to do well and have high expectations of myself for every class I am taking. Being away from home has in a way, made me feel closer to my family. Being away from them has shown me how much they care about me, how much they want me to do well and how much they look after me. And I have gained a great appreciation for what they mean to me and that they care. All of this has happened in the one year I have been at college. Summarized: A truly great experience.


I believe that is really important for students to go continue their further education. I am first generation attending to college. I feel proud of myself, becoming from a small family that travel from Central America just to seek a better opportunity in life it make me realize how important is for me to continue my education. The experience that I gotten being away from family it makes me comprehends the value of things. How hard is to get to the point where I want to be, that I would take time, sacrifice, and discipline. Because I know that little by little I would get to the point where I am going to say this is where I always want to be. Therefore I have to keep push on so I will not fall behind my dreams. And by being a bilingual person I would help me to achieve one of my goals, to become a teacher.


Diana, you think you may know how college life is like from watching "Van Wilder" and "Road trip". As a college student, I can tell you this is not true. I remember the time during finals week, i had 4 finals and 1 presentation to complete. I camped out at the college library for 3 days during finals week, and drank RED BULL to keep me going. There were moments where i just wanted to give up, but i knew giving up now is a waste of my time and money. Remind you, this is only my freshmen year of college (which should be the easiest year). I've never studied this hard in my life time. With the work load i receive each and every day, there was barely time for parties and social life. One advice to you is do not give up, and have fun in college.


Study and read everything! You have no idea whats coming ahead. The best place in the world is coming for you. The world has just started to open and the experiences you will have in college will be the best times in your life. Believe your mother she was right! College is the best place in the world.


If I could go back and give myself advice; I would say to get involved in as many school related activities as possible. Try to take in as much of the college experiance as posiible and network with as many people as you can. Its so important to always be networking with others. Go on every trip that the college offers. And stay organized from the beginning! Organization is the key to a successful career in anything you choose to do whether it be college, bills, work, etc. My teacher has a great saying, "you are the rocket and you are the fuel. You have to launch yourself and yeah you may blow on the launching pad but you just have to repair and try again." (Judith Anne Benedict) That's how you should live everyday as if your getting ready for a launch.


If i could go to my high school self i would tell myself that it is not a wise idea to take a year off. I would also say that the best thing to do was to explore my options of what i like to do and what wanted to do as a career. And do research on the colleges that i can take those classes. Then i would have to kick myself in the butt for thinking that nor going to college right away was a good idea because it wasn't.


Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't have to tackle every problem that you come across in your studies and social life on your own. If your struggling, go to your professors and talk to your friends as well.


better be ready for being responsibility by myself for college class registration and homework stuff.


I would tell myself to work harder to achieve higher grades which would allow me to attend a better school. I would also tell myself to look into other schools and compare the pros and cons. One thing I regret now is that I allowed myself to make volleyball the deciding factor on what school to attend. I now realize what a huge mistake that was. I've come to understand that for some people sports are a way of life and are a necessity, but not me. If it wasn't for volleyball, I do not think I would be at the school I am now. I've made some great friends on the team and it has been a good experience overall, but I wish I focused on more important aspects of a school, rather than just one.


School comes first. It is your reason for being here. There will always be another party. Take care of all your work before having any fun. Never drink and drive, call a cab. READ. Read the material before you go to class and contribute to the discussion. Don't procrastinate. Study your syllabus, make sure you know what is expected of you and do it. Aim for a 4.0 right from the start, you should never be aiming for anything less. Don't ever be late for anything. Get involved on campus. Join as many clubs as you can, find something that interests you. Join honor societies or other organizations that will help boost your resume. Stay active; look into intramural sports or other healthy activities to get involved with. Take advantage of your unlimited meal plan - it's UNLIMITED. Develop relationships with your professors and alumni. NETWORK. Talk to everyone, make new friends and build relationships everywhere you go. Spend your money wisely. Always go to class. Take advantage of the library. Always Do ALL your work, don't ever miss a deadline or fail to turn in an assignment, get it done and turn it in.


Go to the school that feels right for YOU. Don't let anyone else try to talk you into going to a specific college, and definitely don't base your decision solely on the financial aspect of college. Take risks and get out of your comfort zone every once in a while! You will constantly be thrown into situations that may not be ideal for you later in your life and you will need to know how to handle them. That's what college is all about. It's not only learning inside the classroom, but outside as well. You will be provided with so many opportunities to connect with others, try new things, and improve your life skills. Take advantage of everything you are given and don't be afraid to ask for help from others. There's always room for improvement, so don't be too proud to ask someone who might be more knowledgable on the topic for their help/opinion. You're officially an adult and your future is in your hands. You make the decisions from here on out, so make them count!


My first year of college was a little rocky. Filled with many different experiences, good, and bad. However, I would never take any of my good, or bad experiences back because college is all about growing up, learning new things, and finding yourself, and in order to do those things one must make some mistakes. So, the only real good advice I would give myself is three simple words. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!


Treat school like a high paying important CEO job.


I would slap myself in the face. I would tell myself that I need to be more responsible and I need to get my butt on a computer and start applying to scholarships and save money. I woul also tell myself that I can still have fun and still get my work done, but school work comes before anything else. i would also say that, I can relax and I don't need to be nervous and also don't talk to a guy by the name of Camren, future ex-boyfriend. College is hard and very challenging, but it can be easy if you just do your work and be responsible. Don't worry about anyone else and he/shes' problem, worry about yourself. Also, have fun and be yourself, be safe, smart and responsible.


College is a tremendous step in the life of an emerging student, a step that shows further determination to move onto a higher education. Throughout my senior year, I constantly kept wondering what college would be like, and if I was ready for this big transition. Recently finishing my first semester, I have mixed feelings about what I could have done differently and how the expectations I had coming into college changed. First of all, college is entirely different from high school - there is much more self-initiative required, along with an extensive workload. Also, you are in complete control of your life - there are no parents or guardians there to care and protect you, a fact that many college students have often had trouble dealing with. If I had the chance to go back to my senior year, I would have told myself to take high school more seriously, so that I could be better prepared for the amount of work ahead of me. In addition, I would have lived life more fully, and appreciated those who love and care for me while they were still in close contact, thereby making me more prepared for this new college experience.


Dear High school senior self, I know that you have been really worried about leaving your family and going to college, but its better than you expect. In the beginning of high school you really struggled to do well, but with hard work you have really changed your gpa as a high school senior, which was part of the reason you were accepted to so many schools. I know that one of the things you are most afraid of is the class work. However at SUNY Oswego the teachers are really supportive, especially when they see how dedicated you are. If you are having a hard time there are many ways to get extra help. Also theres ways to do community service, and they have Relay for Life on the campus so you can still be involved in the events you enjoy. You also have a mailbox, which you share with a roommate, and if your homesick it really helps to write letters to your family, and when you get one back, its so exciting! Make sure to bring some pictures of family and friends. When you visit home, you are actually going to miss college! Love, Your College self


If I had to go back into time and speak with myself as a senior I would definitely have to say the biggest thing into making life, and the transition easier into college would be to be an ADULT. This means taking responsibility for your actions, knowing if you have a class at nine in the morning, understand you can?t be up all night and expect to wake up and make it every day on time. Or being able to wake yourself up every morning and get yourself to where you need to be. Being independent is HUGE; it truly is the start of your life to come. Because when you go to school there isn?t mom and dad to come home to every day and rescue you. You need to make responsible and rational decisions, now I?m not saying don?t make a wrong choice because that?s all part of growing up and being human. Yet now is the time in your life where you literally and actually have to become an adult whether you choose to or not, and now is the time to step up to the plate and do so.