SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The weather! The wind is very brutal.


Most fustrating about Oswego might be he cold winters. It starts snowing about mid-October and does not quit till end of April. The snow is actually a lot of fun, and students sleigh-ride on cafateria lunch trays down the mountainious piles of snow. But, the extreme cold sometimes gets to you. Temperatures in February are usually below zero degrees, which make going to class difficult.


The clique thing from high school is still around. Everyone's so quick to pass judgement, if they get the slightest impression that youre "inferior" to them, they'll ignore you and make you feel bad every chance they get. I guess it all comes down to money here as well. I hoped it wouldnt, given that were all college students and tuition is expensive. Tuition is also very frustrating, my poor parents work so hard to assure that i have the best possible. I wish tuition was less expensive, or that i could have more aid from the government.


I was attending a Community College but I just transferred to Oswego and I start in a week. The most frustrating thing with my old College was that if I ever needed help getting something done such as, changing a class, finding out information about the website, sending my transcript to a different college, and so on, I always recieved the run around and had to talk to several different people for a simple question. It took literally over two months just for CCC to send my transcript , and over a month for them to fix an incorrect grade.


The lake effect snow and winds make travel between classes during the winter months trecherous sometimes.


The most frusterating thing is that fact the wather here is very cold and the bus run ever 15 min. I wich they where contuinouly runing and that we had more buses on campouse.


There isn't anything about the school that frustrates me.


The work


Lots of Work


Trying to pay for it.


The lack of committment on the school's part to focus on potential career choices in Liberal Arts other than education.


It was very cold, and I hate the cold, it was frustrating to have to walk across campus in high winds and snow. It was also frustrating that some professors were not sure how to teach (they had their PhD but that doesn't make them a teacher!)


The most frustrating thing about SUNY oswego is the lack of responsibility from academic advisors. They do not inform you or advise you on academic decisions and most of the time they don't know who you are. I go over the same things with my advisor every time I see her (2-3 times/semester). They don't make sure you're taking the right classes and that you have enough upper division credits. Its as if the school pays them to mess us up so we pay more to come back next year.


the food isnt the greatest and makes me not feel good afterward