SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school is it's own community. People make you feel welcome, and loved. Even though college is about learning, you can do so in an environment that is warm and fun, and the view doesn't hurt either!


It allows you to meet a lot of different people, making it to make friends with people from all different backgrounds. It offers a lot of different activies so there is something for everyone.


The campus is breathtaking all year round! Winter is spectacular! The people are social and friendly and there is always something to do.


The diversity. There are so many different people with so many different cultural backgrounds. There is even a residence hall that has almost 500 students that come from many various places in the world. I have learned so much from the international students about the parts of the world they live in, that i have always wanted to know. There are also many diverse events and gatherings here that have made it easy for me to feel at home, as well as enjoy the company of people who are similar to myself. The diversity here is top quality.


I consider the quality of education the best thing about SUNY Oswego because students are provided with the best teachers, materials and resources to gain a successful education.


The school is very welcoming to incoming students. They have a lot of events to get you involved and to learn about the campus and college life. It was very easy to feel comfortable there. They have a dorm for freshman students, Johnson Hall, which allows students to be immersed into an atmosphere that makes it easier to make new friends and get involved. There are also a lot of clubs on campus. If you can't find a club that you want they make it really easy to start a new one. I had a great experience at Oswego.


The best thing about my school is the attitude of the people here and the professors. Every person is exciting and genuine.


The best thing about SUNY Oswego is how organized they are. The school does not baby you in anyway however because of how organized they are it makes it a lot easier to know what you need to do to get everything you need done in an orderly fashion. They create checklists for everything whether it be applying here, transfering from another school, or trying to move up. They layout the steps you need to take so that you can take them.


I would have to say the best part of my last school was that since it was a Community College it was not nearly as expensive as a four year college.


The best thing at my school would have to be the Oswego Lakers Hockey team. I've never watched hockey before I came to my school. My friends took me to the first game and I fell in love. I've tried to go to every game but I also cheer for the basketball team. Our hockey team has been undefeated so far in their competition. Go Lakers!


Some of the most respectable attributes about our school are the rigorous degree programs, size of the campus, and the availability of a variety of activities and attractions. Taking the Honors program has already prepared me for how much work I will have to do the rest of my college career, and being able to interact with numerous students has shaped me socially and intellectually. There is something for every student on campus, as well, and everyone is invited to participate. I have found immense pleasure going to college as a result, and desire to perservere in my given program.


The best thing about SUNY Oswego is its diversity. The campus has so many international students,hat one of the dorms is an international dorm, yet any student is allowed to stay in it. There are over 140 organizations for students, if a student doesn't like any of the clubs, they can create their own. SUNY Oswego offers students a variety of academic support through tutoring, a 24 hour study room at the library, and "ask a librarian" Finally, SUNY Oswego is located on Lake Ontario, the sunsets are beautiful and gives the campus its own unique feature.


The best thing about SUNY Oswego is the vibrant community full of people who treat you as equals and are more than willing to help those in need. The teachers are open and treat the students with respect and recieve the same in return. It is a great place to find yourself and prepare yourself for the "real" world.


The ocean because you can relax on your downtime and it is beautiful.


Diversity and all the opportunities to be social.


knowledgeable staff who are considerate of students feeling and are well respected, also NCAA Hockey


I have actually really enjoyed the professors; although the school size is large, the professors really give you all the one-on-one time you need to succeed in any course.


all the people and thinkgs to do


I love my professors! Also, I transfer to SUNY Oswego for the Wellness Management program and that's great too!


I consider the best thing about SUNY Oswego to be its size. The size of this institution allows for diversity while still providing a caring and friendly atmosphere.


Good balance of academics, sports and having fun. Great hands on broadcasting facilities.


It has an awsome study abroad program. You can study for a year, a semester, summer, or even just for a week. If you like to travel this is an awsome program because there is something for everyone.


The Creative Writing teachers were fantastic. The lake was beautiful, no matter the weather. There was always a party to go to. The teachers are pretty laid back and willing to work with you when you have an issue.


The students. They have a good spirit and seem to know who they are.