SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being outdoorsee. People there like to go rock climbing, skying, snow boarding, and other things like that. The whole campus is basically an art display. Biology majors get the best professors and classes. Hospitality majors get an amazing department and staff from the industry. Known for its teaching and pshycology department. Etc.


My school is best known for their amazing art work and rich envioronment. We are surrounded my by the Adirondack mountains and the Champlain Valley River. SUNY Plattsburgh makes your academic experience as comfortable and safe as possible. I never thought that I, a city girl was ever going to get used to the Plattsburgh community. But the beauty of SUNY Plattsburgh is that is surrounded by wonderful people, art, mountains, rivers that it brings you in and comforts and nortures you throughout your college experience. SUNY Plattsburgh is known for changing lives!


To be honest, my school is known for two things, partying and teaching majors. My school, Plattsburgh, is also known at Plasterburgh. This name portrays how everyone views it as a place to drink and have fun. Education is not everyone's top priorty here. This is why I am going to transfer. College is a place of learning, of furthering one's education; Plattsburgh is not the place for this. As for teacher majors, I have not come across one, so I do not know why it is known for this.


Education majors, also for the hockey team


Parties and the environment, hiking, snowboarding, etc.


My school is probably best known for it's commitment to the art. Which is probably due to the fact that it is the most visual part of the college in the form of the Sculpture Park. The campus is littered with various sculptures. It allows students and local artists to share their work with the rest of the community.


The sports my school is best known for is hockey, the entire community loves going to hockey games at PSU and are very supportive of both the Men and Womens teams. Both of those teams have been very successful. It is also known for the School of Business and Economics, which is Internationally accredited, and the amazing education department.