SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

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When I visited Plattsburgh, they made me feel as if I would make the school better by being there- no vice versa. Members of admission, first year experience, and the Honors program were very welcoming and tried their hardest to convince students to enroll. Also, the students I met were just as enthusiastic, something that I found was not present in other schools.


Plattsburgh State University is a beautiful campus and is the perfect place to call a 2nd home. It is surrounded by beautiful art work all throughout the campus giving you a feel as if you were walking through a museum. The people are generous and kind. The size of the campus is just right and classes and dorms are spaced out perfectly for your convinience. Every season that passes by at Plattsburgh are breathtaking, from the gorgeous colorful trees, clear snow, bright green grass, and the gorgeous summer mornings echoed by the sounds of birds.


Plattsburgh is unique because it is so diverse and yet everyone is able to get along so well.


As for my major, there was much better audio/visual equipment and I felt much more comfortable with the teachers I interviewed. There was also a lot more oportunity to take classes I wanted outside of my major, so that was an added bonus. The school also has connections with companies that are very well known, so networking seemed easy.


Great arts department. Lots of things to do on campus


Our school has a lot of great art displayed around campus.


The nature


The people and the outsoor activities. Dont forget the Greek Life


It has medium to small sized classes which work perfectly for me. Its a very community based college too... the community is involved in many things.