SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The downtown.


I brag most about the program I am currently in. I am a social work major at Suny Plattsburgh. I tell me friends how wonderful and knowledgeable my teachers are. This is a great program at Plattsburgh that needs to be acknowledged more by the school.


I brag about how easy it was for me to declare minors, even with my major being as strenuous as it is. I also brag about how easy it is for me to get involved, and how campus feels like it is the perfect size. I really like the social atmosphere at Plattsburgh, everyone is very friendly. Also, the Honors Program gave me the oppurtunity to have a small college feel inside the larger university.


How cheap it is compared to going away to school and how i wont be in that much debt from it


the social aspect of the school got me through four years of living five hours away from home.


There are so many volunteer opportunities here!


How much I get along with the people I met. People who are on my level and how much I have changed, learned and grown from this school.