SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The dining halls!! The food is actually really good, too good in fact. Know how to control yourself and maintain a proper diet and balance when choosing which foods to eat. They are always there, you have four years to explore the different wonders of each and every food there is


snowy and windy, made 8 am classes impossible


The weather! Since SUNY Plattsburgh is so far up north it gets so cold up here. It's especially hard during the times when you have to walk from one end of campus to the other. While the school does provide shuttle buses to take you to different parts of campus, sometimes its to cold to bother waiting for it.


How cold it is up in Plattsburgh, because during the winter temperatures sometimes make it unbearable to walk to class.


food could be better


I really love the school that I attend. So, I guess my answer will be the same as before; the worst thing at my school is the feet and feet of snow we get on the ground every winter. It makes walking to night classes a bit unpleasurable and freezing. But we just bundle up and as long as prospective students like the winter and enjoy winter sports then they'd love it up here!


I believe the worst thing about our school is that a majority of our students are from NYC. Thus when they come upstate they bring some of the dangerous aspects from NYC and promote them around here. These include Drugs, Violence, and Debauchery which really take away from the college experience. However I do believe they bring a lot of good values and morals as well, I just wish it didn't come with the price tag that it does.