SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The average student looking for a new start that is just far away from home, but close enough to come home should consider SUNY Plattsburgh.


Someone who holds campus spirit in high regard would love this school. With an excellent hockey team, SUNY Plattsburgh encourages students to be very active in campus activities. Also, outdoorsy types would enjoy the scenic hikes and foliage offered year-round.




This is a great school for just about anyone, there are lots of programs and majors, I highly recommend this school!


Anyone wanting to get an affordable, but excelent education in a small middle class commun ity would be happy at this school--it is not for thise who need a status name college.


An out-going, fun person because there are alot of chances to get involved in clubs and greek life.


a boring well mannered troglodyte


A person who is motivated and has good time management skills.


You should really have an open mind if you want to attend Plattsburgh State and be willing to meet new people and try new activities. Also, you must be someone who is academically driven and looks into the future.


A person who is open minded and can take change and new unfamiliar things, aspects or people with no problem. Someone who doesnt mind cold weather(its pretty cold up here in the winter).