SUNY College at Plattsburgh Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had researched the class sizes and student to teacher ratio. In some of the larger lectures professors may never have a one on one conversation with you and it's just a little bit impersonal.


I wish that I would have taken a tour of the school just so that i would have been more aquanted with everything.


I wish I had known to get involved as soon as I got there. There is so much to do, and sometimes I feel like its hard to consentrate on something specific.


I was fully aware of what to expect coming to this school. I had previously attended Adirondack Community College that was located right next door. I am familiar with the area and it is close to home. I am still able to work a little bit while I attend school. The location of the branch campus is great for people who still have to work and pay bills while attending school without having to drive a great distance.


I expected that there would be drinking at this school, and most school when I applied to them. I am not the kind of person who finds fun in drinking. I think it is more beneficial to devote hard work to school to get further in life. However, since most of fun does center around drinking I feel like I missing out on one of the most beneficial experiences of all, making friends. I wish that I had known that staying so close to home would cause me to become more introverted.


Exactly how long it would take to get home.


It may sound cliche, but I wouldn't want to know anything different! By being the first generation in my family to attend college (and at 6 hours away from home) I came to Plattsburgh with my mind and heart open to new experiences and I think it provided me the chance to rely only on myself and the people and professors I encountered in my everyday life at school. But looking back, one small thing I would change would be to not pack so much stuff! Dorm rooms are pretty small, especially when sharing with a roommate!


I wish I had known how cold and windy it would get, where to find things I wanted to do (hiking, biking, fishing, etc), and not to pack too much. Also, I wish I had known to shop around for school books (the school book store can be pricey).


I wish I knew the Buisness College at my school was so well ranked otherwise I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars at another university in Colorado. Being nationally accredited is a rare thing these days but very vaulable in the world of Finance.

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