SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The connection between Syracuse University and SUNY ESF. As SU or ESF students you can take classes on either campus.


This school is very well-based educated school. It focuses on environmental topics which is very significant for the people who wants to major something around that. It is very a small school which I like because you get to know your peers, classmates, and professors well. If you are having trouble in a subject, the professor will always be there to help you .


The best thing about my school is the attention teachers across campus can give to students, even at the freshman level. The faculty in my department, Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering, take a considerable amount of time out of their schedules to work with the freshman class, talk to us about their research, involve us in department projects and events, advise us in selecting courses, and making us feel comfortable in what is a very difficult major. I would have had a much harder first semester if the faculty had not made us feel so welcome .


The best thing about my school is its small community because ESF has roughly a few hundred students per class based on increasingly strict admission standards. The larger Syracuse community allows the influence to be broader than one would expect. The benefits of Syracuse University are also widespread and available to ESF students


The hands on experience we recieve with research. It gives us an opportunity to experience what it is like in the real world.