SUNY College of Technology at Alfred Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone looking for a smaller college where they won't feel lost. Someone transitioning from a small high school to college would fit in well. Anyone looking for small class sizes and the ability to get to know your professors on a personal level should go here.


the one who like challenges and work individually.


People who are used to a small town enviroment. Enjoy the outdoors and like seeing deer in the middle of campus


A person with a clear mind in the field they want to pursue should attend Suny Alfred. The school is designed to hold less students compared to other colleges inorder to give students a more hands on approach. The classes students attend are small, consisting of 20-30 students per class to ensure every student's success. The school is not competetive but focuses on teaching every student what they need to know to excell in their career.


Someone who doesn't take their education seriously because there is nothing else to do around here but drink.


Any kind of person who wants a good basic education. There are many types of people that go to this school, it's very diverse