SUNY College of Technology at Alfred Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to this college I wish I would have known how many stairs and hills there were. The campus resides on a hill in a small rural area with very little stores around. This is definitely not a college you attend if you have a shopping or starbucks addiction. You need to really love the idea of a college in a small town environment.


I wish I had known how helpful and knowledgeable the teachers were. As odd as it may be, I used to get nervous around my teachers and was too shy to ask questions. If I had known in advance how understanding the teachers were I would have asked any question I had immediately in front of my other classmates. The teachers have so much experience behind them that they know how to explain problems better and make sure everyone knows what they are doing.


That there is not much to do on weekends.


I wish I would have considered my other options before just choosing to here. I should have visited more campuses and got more information. If I had known it would have been so desolated and cold I would have chosen a school further down south near to or in a city. Also, had I known tuition would be this much I would've certainly chose differently.


I wish I knew how close knit the college community was around Alfred State and Alfred University. These two colleges are the town, so it's impossible not to meet students from the University. Plus, the classes here are small enough that you'll be able to meet the majority of people in them and also build friendships in and out of school. The professors at Alfred State actually take the time to learn your name and they should have enough personal experience with you to be meaningful professional references in the future, very cool.


To be willing to learn and change.