SUNY College of Technology at Canton Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


You can get a great education and benefit from a four year university, yet it is still small enough to really feel a part of the community.


The school has a very friendly enviornment with teachers and staff members who want to see you succeed in whatever you may desire and will do anything to help you get there and make your dreams a reality.


Suny Canton is not worst schools but i would rank it very low on my list, yet this school is an extraudinary place to find very good friends.


Suny College of Technology at canton is not only a placeto get an education, its a place where you get an experience out of that will last for ever.


My school is a caring and sucessful environment


SUNY Canton is a quiet school that everyone can feel a part of.


Fun. I love my school, the curriculum is very hard but compleytly worth while.


SUNY Canton officers the education I need in providing online classes so that I am able to work full-time with a busy schedule.


farm community, with nothing to exciting to do around the campus, but they do offer a lot for on campus activities, and the teachers are more involved with the students.


Suny Canton is a school that provides an education with both conservative and liberal approaches.


Suny Canton is a school of oppurtunity for a variety of students from a technical certificate in something like Automotice Technologies or a 4 year degree in a field of your choice, and they offer finacial aid and professional assistance for any student in need.


SUNY Canton is a small town college simalar to most community colleges, it has small class sizes which is the most beneficial aspect of the school.


This school will help u papare very well for the future .


A college that seeks to help students learn if they choose to and help them succeed.


SUNY Canton is a beautiful campus with dedicated professors and support staff willing and eager to assist you in learning for your future.