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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was to go back in time, knowing what I know now about college, I would say to to be aware and grateful for what I have. Don't take what you have for granted because it can and will be gone in a blink of an eye. Cherish everything you have and appreieate what you have accomplished. Stay on track and don't lose focus on whatever you have to do. Also, I would say don't lose faith in yourself. You may think you are at the end when a boulder is in your path, but you have to push through. Don't give up when it gets tough. College is suppose to prepare for you the harsh world out there and in the future you have to know that indepedence is very important. Lastly, I would say Good Luck !


I would definitely have worked myself a little harder my senior year. Most of my classes my senior year were pretty much blow off classes and when the semester started here in college in September I really had to work hard to get back into the swing of things. I also would have told myself to work more hours over the summer so I would have had more money to bring with me. It is surprising how fast your money goes.


Don't always be so trusting. You may met people who you think will be your friends but in reality they really are not. That doesn't mean not take the oppurtunity to make a friend but be more cautious when you do. Also, never let your friends tell you that you work too hard or do too much, if you are happy that is all that matters. You can be stressed beyond belief and still be happy and as long as you are happy with yourself that is all that is important.


Dear High School Senior Ashley, Take a moment to take your final year of High School in. I know it is your instinct to rush through it and finally get High School out of your way, but try to realize that this is your last piece of childhood you have. High School had a few ups and downs along the way, but understand that College will have the same amount . While making the transition remember that this isn’t High School part two, it is College, classes will get tougher and teachers will get stricter. However, as long as you follow the rules and listen to the directions given you will be just fine. College is not exactly what TV shows make it out to be. Do not place a TV show expectation of College into your head. Although being in College you will spend three times as much hours studying and doing homework remember that THIS IS COLLEGE!! Learn, advance yourself as a person, and don’t forget to have fun. Do not let College be a time in your life that you watch go by instead of experiencing it for what it is. Sincerely, Your Future Self


I started my college experience in the summer of 2006 after high school. I had a scholarship then and did not fully grasp that school was taking care of finanically. Within those four semesters in the scholarship did things I regret and knocked me off my full paid college career. Slacked in studying for exams, procrastinated in doing homework, and just lazy. But today I am reaping what I sowed. I am working to pay for one course because that is all I can afford. I learned the hard and terrible way of going through my college experience in just this doing alone. I need help with a mind made up staying in line with my studies. Thank you.


So far, I gain so many in college. I gain knowledge in my major. I meet long lasting friends. I met people that can help me succeed in the future.


The number one thing that i got out of college was my friends. I know you were expecting me to say my academics but that would not be the truth. I had stuggled alot in my classes but when i left the class and went back to my dorm i knew my friends were there for me. They helped me study in turn helping me improve my grades. I would take my friends over any review class that they had because i could have one on one attention with them if i was having a problem. I wasnt expecting to go to college and make alot of friends; truly i was expecting myself to be very quiet and alone hiding away in my dorm freaking out about the next test or quiz i had to take. Yet when i met one of them i had to meet all of them. I want to give alot of the credit to them for my success in completing my biggest personal goals. This was the biggest thing that i got out of college, you cant always succeed in something if you dont have friends backing you up.


After years spent in an international high school in Nepal, I moved to the States for my further education. I have seen much more diversity at my college in Los Angeles, all pursuing for the same goal, to gain a better understanding of the world. Not only the college life with people from all around the world opened my eyes and changed my perspectives in vewing things, but also it helped me to be more proactive about grabbing the chances to learn more and pursue the best education. It has been valuable to attend college as it surely builds you up socially and personally in a way so that it prepares you to be ready for the real life after college. I really appreciate the atmosphere of learning together as it makes me feel like we are all growing up together to the point where we will be fully ready to face the world and be the leading members of the world.


I went to a community college because of my financial needs and because i didn't do as well as i wanted my senior year which lowered my GPA a little. Going to a community college for my first year helped me money wise and grade wise, i got my GPA up that first year at a community college and transfered to a four year college to move forward with what i wanted to do in life. Now that i'm at the four year college i feel more relaxed knowing i have some type of collge experience before i went big. Going to a community college for a year if not two I think is the smartest move a high school grad can do if they aren't sure of what they want to do and if they don't think they can afford a university tution.


I have gotten out of my college experience that life will not feed you information by a spoon. Now you are at the peak of your life where you have go after your dreams and goals in life. For most people mommy and daddy isnt here as much and we have to learn to grow up and take on the different challenges we have to take. Its importanat that I attended school because i have learned that i dont have to depend on my parents as much any more and its time to grow up. If i want to reach my goals in life i have start now by getting my education.


I have gotten a sense of direction


To make sure that all the place that you are applying to are where you want to go. Also slack off and do better. Dont sign up for the triple and work out a schedule to study dont just think that you will do it later do it then. Go to a school that is close to home or the one that is your dream school. Just becuase you are a senior don't slack off and keep your self from getting into your dream college.


The first thing I would tell myself to do is consider a community college. In high school, I always thought of community colleges as not for honor students, but now I realize that it's a great place to start out your education, and you get some nice perks like small class sizes and being close to home. The second thing is to do your reading. In high school, if I got the assignment to read, I would ignore it or just skim. I now know that you should read the assignment thoroughly and take notes to better your ability to participate. The third thing is to commute if you go to a college close to home, at least for your first year. It is cheaper and gives you more of a transition time. The fourth and most important thing I would tell myself is to be yourself. I was a great oboist in high school and everyone thought I would go on to be a musician, but it turns out I wanted nursing more. College is all about you, and not about pleasing someone else.


Do not worry too much about it. It is very different from high school, but it is not a bad different. An important thing is to try to conserve money, because while living on your own it can go very quickly. Try your best and don't let anyone put you down.


Go GO GO: I waited until I was unemployed and 46 years old to go back to college. Not having a degree and working in construction was in my eyes the biggest mistake I ever made growing up. I now am going back to schoolat an age that I schould be getting ready for my golden years. Going back to me was harder then if I had gone to college right out of high school being twice the age of the rest of the students (for the most part ). Going back in time and talking to myself Is something I have wished to have done alot in my life and to be able to tell myself that college and college life is a whole lot better then was thought and that a college degree is the best way to grow and explore everything out there has to offer. Please do not wait until your 46 out of work with 6 kids to decide that it is time or as a last big effort at life. I would also encourge my self to tell all my friends to go and make their lives the best they could and..... GO GO GO


I have asked myself this question daily and wished it could happen. The advice i would give myself I would also give to other graduating seniors. Starting with; college isn't as easy as it looks, your teachers are telling the truth. You have to work harder and study longer and no slacking off. There is more work and when it's due, it's due. You don't get any extra time to finish it. Take your senior year of high school seriously and treat it as your freshman year of college. Be prepared to work and study, a lot. You can have fun at college without flunking out. Work on your time management, some classes you have one right after the other. Do not skip class or school unless it is truly important, in college you only get a couple days to miss, so use that time wisely. I don't want you to go into college thinking it's impossible, it's not, it just needs to be taken seriously. It's what they say, "You can do anything you put your mind too."


If I were given the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself a few things, the first one being to save more money for things I will need while in school. I would also tell myself to be more careful with what I choose to eat and also to be more active in clubs or sports. I would make it a point to tell myself that I need to push for amazing grades so I can be eligible for more scholarships because just having good grades wont cut it. Having a job is quite important as well so I would have also told myself to call my University a semester before I started to find out about available jobs and have one reserved for me since jobs on campus are on a first come first served basis. Last but not least I would tell myself to do all I can in power to remain happy and to not let the violence or negativity in my neighborhood get me down because all of my hard work will pay off and I will be able to leave that place and live in the dorms.


Hello Christine, I know what you?re thinking. College is going to be amazing, so no need to worry. You meet so many amazing people. Stay friendly and take advantage of all the free activities going on. Don't forget to do your work... College will be fun and you make so many friends. Don't be scared about what people will think about you. If you truly want them as your friends they will like you for who you are. And don't worry about packing so many things. You will have more than enough supplies in college. You might want to plan on bringing more cat food since your cat becomes a black hole and eats everything, but other than that, a few shirts and pants and maybe some pictures of friends will be enough. Some other helpful advice, be prepared for drama, just because it isn't high school doesn't mean people won't come to you for advice anymore. In fact, more people will ask for your advice since you have more peers and more friends. Don't worry about anything. You will be fine. Relax and have fun.


If I could go back in time and talke to myself as a high school senior, I would recommend being more studious and even though I already am I would recommend being extremely organized to keep up with deadlines for papers and dates for tests. Also I would recommend not being afraid to stand up for yourself and/or others.


Life is not a given and neither is an education. Everything you dream of being takes hard work and dedication to prepare for that goal. Enjoying senior year of high school should be more of a preparation into the academic world than becoming a "member" of the adult world. Back at 18 college was something no one was looking forward too; we just wanted out. We wanted to be free; to do as we chose with no one to tell us when and where something has to be done. Little did we know then that life is all about someone giving you directions. High school for me was more of a social event than a learning experience and I will forever regret that. So being popular; getting on the cheerleading squad; knowing where the next party is; is not what an education consists of. It is learning the basic fundamentals needed to obtain an education, how to be a team player as well as a leader and create a person that will accomplish goals as they are set. Setting goals throughout one's life is never ending, just as being a life-long learner never ends.


The advice that I would give myself , is that college is not like high school at all. Dorm life is fun as long as you chose the right dorm setting for you when applying. The quite wing will never be quite. Friends are made eassier when you live in the dorms. College requires studying harder and more. I also would have told myself to go further from home, because Canton was to close to home. I had a 2 hour drive but wish it was much further.


If I had known what I know now back when I was a senior in high school I really would have looked at College more as a huge stepping stone to life instead of just the next step in life. I was very excited for college and did okay but also got lost in the "College life". Now four years later I have returned to college to complete my Bachelor's degree and I am paying for college myself instead of my parents paying for it and I have really had the opportunity to understand the importance of completeing my degree and taking my studies seriously. So my advice would be to remember why you are there, remember what your goals are, complete your studies and your work and then you will have time for fun. Especially after you get that great job you have always wanted!!


choose a degree that will be more beneficial to me in the end.


This is a perfect question that I have always asked myself. While I did well as a student in high school, I still would have told myself as a senior to work harder and to study harder. I would have tried to practice time management a lot better and to learn better study skills. In all honesty, I would have also have liked to check more into my options as to the direction of better career options. Knowing today that there are so many changes and with the economny quickly changing, and rapidly diminishing I would really have liked to already have had another degree under my belt. I currently have my two year Associates but working toward Criminal Justice in order to provide myself different options. Being in high school doesn't prepare you for the working world that is really out there. Sure, most people continue on to school, but the majority of the population must also work, so getting a job as soon as one can and saving every penny is definintely something that I would have given myself advice on. Educating and research would have been a defnitely plus!


The first few weeks can be difficult with trying to make the transiton, that changes quickly. The Resident Assistants make sure that programs go on so that you have many opprotunities to meet new people. When they say that it is not like High School they mean it its a lot more of on your own study time along with on your own reading and learning the material.


Put all work first and be perpared to use great time management skills, but still have fun. Also remember that college is not at all what you see in the movies. The amount of freedom that will be expierenced by a freshman can be overwhelming as it was for me. Not knowing what field a student wants to go into is okay.... many students will change there minds 500 times.


I would say that the best way to know what school is good for you is that you know whether or not you like being in a big school environment or a small school. Suny Canton was a great experience for me to learn and to gain friends, it was also a great experience in a way that it allowed me to focus on school and my future with another school. Make sure youdo things for yourself, not for anyone else. The best way to succeed is to know it is in your best interests.


Research all different colleges, then choose like 5 or ten of them based on what major you want and anything you are looking for. Then from that apply to 4 or 5 of them and pick the one that best fits you and what you want to do.


check out a lot of different campus' and make sure you visit all of them.


College is an important period of a students life. This is when a student will take the steps he/she needs to plan out the rest of their life. It can be very exciting and stressful, but it is important that the student makes the decision of where they want to go and what they want to study. After all it is their life they are planning. Just remember that your decision doesn't ave to be right the first time. There are plenty of people at schools that can help you change or alter your plans, you just have to ask. Going to Orientation or on a tour is definatley recommended so that you can familiarize yourself with it, and see if it turely is what you are looking for. Call the school, ask questions and get acquainted, this is very significant! The more you know, the better your chances will be for finding the perfect shool for you!


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college is to research. Research these colleges, financial aide packages, dorm rules and finally ALWAYS visit the campus when students are around so you get opinion from the current students. These students can pretty much answer all your questions and give you in depth answers. For the students, every college campus is different so in order to enjoy your college experience, find ways to make it right for you because what i find exciting may not be exciting to you. Join clubs, greek organization, community services, sports. This is the only way to know what you will like and what you will not. Take advantage of all the resourceses avaliable to you , this way by the time you are a senior, you have good experience of the school and ways to advice a freshmen. I'm so glad of my school and because of the organizations i joined, it made my college experience so exciting and i will not trade it for any school or the world.


When you are choosing a college it is particularly important to keep one thing in mind, and that one thing is you. College is about furthering your education to make a better life for yourself in the future. There are a many aspects to keep in mind when you are choosing a college. Financial Aid is a big factor. If you or your family needs assistance in paying for college, you should talk to the financial aid office to check your availability of receiving financial aid. Also college size is a factor. Would like to attend a small or a large campus college? Colleges can greatly differ in size. If you enjoy having smaller classes with more attention on the individual then a smaller college may be the choice for you. Also housing is important if you are living on campus. Most colleges have on campus housing. You should visit them while students are on campus, that way you can see how living there really is rather than wandering empty halls when you visit. College is about you and the experience. You can listen to the advice around you, but you need to make the choice that best fits you.


Make sure that your child is happy and make sure that they go to their Orientation.


When looking at a college for your children, first look at the outlook for your children. What are his or her goals in their future. Then find the school that best fits. Colleges provide many different degrees and majors. If you would like to spend not as much money look into a smaller state school that provides everthing you want in a college. You don't need a big University or a Private college to get the college fullfillment they are looking for. Especialy if planning on transfering out, save some money by getting some courses done at a lesser expensive school then transfer to a private college. But always think about your children and what they expect. Make a list of expectations on what college is supposed to be to them, how they imagen it. Visit a lot of schools, never limit yourself. Apply to all. Its better this way then you have a broader choice. All these things play into picking the right college for your child.


Don?t just go by what your parents say, get involved and look for colleges that interest you. Always visit the college first to see if you?re going to like it start early looking early and take your time deciding. Get your applications in early as well so you can get an early response.


I would tell parents to be active, show interest in their child's search to find a college. The parents should help their child see the postive and negative aspects of each college they are considering. However, at the same time I would stress that the parents do not try to influence or push their child towards a certain college; it may make thier child feel obligated to attend that college even though they may not want to just because they realize how much it would mean to their parents. I would tell the child to be open minded about every opportunity and explore all options, remember that it is ultimately your decision. I think it would be wise to make some sort of chart weighing out the negative and postive aspects of each college so you can plainly see what you will be benefiting from and what may even hinder you as you strive to further your education. Also, I stress that just because you choose a certain major does not mean you have to stick with it if you find out after a few classes that it isn't for you then you should speak to your advisor.


I am a junior at SUNY Canton and my 1st advice is; it?s best to know what field and major to study. My freshman year I was undecided about what program I wanted get into. I had to transfer twice and I ran out of TAP before I found my career path. I wished I sat down and gave it more thought because the semesters goes by quick and so does your Tap with Financial Aid, you may have to transfer because that school may not have your major. I am not saying if u don?t know what u want to become don?t go to colleges because people switch their career choices all the time and they become successful. Its best to sit down and give it thought about your career choices so you can pick a better school that?s better for that career field. Making the most out of your college career totally depends on the student, like myself I love to learn about anything different from my own cultures. This includes languages, writing, art, music, dancing. A person can?t be anti-social or you they won?t be able to experience new things.


The main piece of advice that I would give parents and students is to start the search early. I started my college search when I was a sophomore in high school. For family vacations, we took road trips to the colleges that interested me. I would also tell parents to be supportive no matter what school or program their child chooses. It doesn't matter if the teen chooses to go to school for art instead of law. It doesn't matter if the teen wants to go to a community college rather than an Ivy League school. The only thing that really matters is if the teen is happy with their choice. Remember, you child is studying for a future career. Don't make them, and you, miserable by making all of their choices for them. And keep in mind that just because some teens may tell you that you're uncool, you still want to remain in their lives. They can't be successful students if they think that no one cares for them. On a last note, it is also important for parents to encourage their teens to get involved on campus and around the community.


The advice I would give to parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of their college experience would be that of visiting a college before you choose. When I was choosing a college I went to everyone to see how I felt around the campus and what I thought about teachers and the people in that city. I visited one college I wanted to go to and I did not like the feel of the campus and the people were very fast pace and rude. Then touring SUNY Canton, the campus is very pretty in the fall and spring, the people were nice and the pace was just right. The course offered for my major as well seemed very interesting and hands on. The head professior at the time was also very helpful in explaining how the major went and what classes were to be taking and was very experienced in the major as well. I met a lot of people and close friends that I will have for life. I am very glad with my choice and hope that other students take into account about visiting the colleges before they choose.


I think it is very important for the students to come to school with a positive attitude and to be willing to try new things. I also think it is very important for the students to make resposable choices and take responsability for there actions. I would tell the parents to feel confident sending their children SUNY Canton because it is a very safe and comfortable environment. I would also tell them to trust their children to make the right decisions and not be so scared of sending their children to school.


I would advise parents and/or students to first unless they know which college they want to go to its best to go to a state or community college to save money. Also when your trying to figure out what you want your occupation to be remeber the things you don't want to be. This will help in your decision making.


Students when you are searching for a college and you go to visit the campus stay there for a couple of days and really get a feel for the campus, after all you are going to be there for you college career and you want to make sure you are comfortable. Also, make sure the campus offers your field of study. Students should really keep up with their studies and not let the party life take control over them. Getting a college education is the most valuable aspect of one's life, no one can ever take your education away from you so make the best of it. Parents make sure you stay active if your childs life, it's nice to have that support especially when your child is stressed about school (with all the exams, assignments). College is challenging! It is a lot different than high school, keep up with your school work and you will succeed. Best wishes and try to have a little fun once in awhile.


When finding the right college keep one thing in mind; this is your future and nobody elses. Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Remember that if you select a school or profession based on pressure from parents, friends, or relatives, you may not be happy with that decision twenty to thirty years down the road. You're the only person who is able to decide what is best for you and know where your best interests lie. When you find the right college you'll know it. You'll feel at home. Always visit the colleges that you are applying to. You wouldn't buy a car wthout seeing it first so why would you select a college, where you'll spend several years of your life, without seeing it first and knowing what it's all about. Remember that anything is what you make of it. Be sure to see the glass as half full and not half empty.


visiting the school gaves a person a good feeling about picking the right school, because the person gets teh expreince of what the school will be when they come.


My advice to students and/or parents trying to find the right college, would be to make sure that the surrounding area and campus will be something that the student will be able to adjust to. There are often people who come to a campus and complain about how it's nothing like what they are used to. Also make sure that if finances are an issue that the college will be affordable, if not the student could be stuck with a plethera of loans, which is never a good experience. Other than that, just have fun, these are the best more important years of your life, enjoy them.