SUNY College of Technology at Delhi Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has been a very good experience for my first two years of school. Amazing teachers and chefs, small class sizes, close relationships, great friendships, and amazing mountain views. The perfect start of a college experience.


Suny Delhi is the type of slogan "It is what you make it "


SUNY Delhi has a small campus in a small town with a very diverse population and the professors and advisors care about how you're doing and they're willing to help.


My school described in one sentence is diversity, there are people form all over the world and the staff works hard to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.


Suny Delhi is a great school, they are very learning oriented and will do whatever it takes to help out a student in need.


My school is clean, nice view, quiet, long winters, and everyone is very friendly.