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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now from being in college for the past two years, if I could go back and give my high school self some advice, I would tell myself to live every moment to the fullest. Don't let the drama get to you, it's not worth it. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be it will happen. Always look in the mirror and remind yourself of how beautiful and smart you are no matter what anyone says. Confidence is key and you should always smile the brightest. Have a list of goals and figure out time management, that is one of the most important things about college. You don't need to know everything right then and there, if you live in the moment and have an opptimistic mindset you'll be set and ready to go. I know things are hard at home right now, but trust me when I say, things will get better and you will have the most amazing relationship with your parents. Going away will be the best thing you ever did, so go have fun!


I would tell myself to apply to many schools as i want, no matter how much it cost. I would also tell myself that i need to focus on studying more then partying. I would tell myself that to choose a school where that I know I'm use to being around and not to make a decision right away. I would also tell myself to pick a school where there a lot of choices of intrest to pick from and a lot of activities.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to take more time and make sure to pick the right college the first time. I picked a college I didn't like first and then transferred to SUNY Delhi so I have been on more than one campus. SUNY Delhi is very understanding about the transition to college and they are more than willing to help. I would also suggest to be comfortable with where you are attending, including the campus and where you will be living, on or off-campus.


?Ma I?ve worked soo hard for four whole years of my life!? I whined, ? I don?t wanna go to college yet, I wanna take a year off and travel the world!? When I think back at the mentality I had just six years ago, I often chuckle and think ?My, how times have changed!? Speaking to myself as a high school senior, I?d say what my mother told me: ?Go study or get out of my house!? I?d tell myself that there are no such things as ?progress reports? and ?guidance counselors" to keep me in line when I veer away from my studies. I?d say that it?s probably not a good idea to schedule classes 6 hours apart, because as much as I?d try to convince myself that I can go home and later come back in time for class; I?d probably just go home. I?d tell myself that, yes, it is possible for a class to have 100 students, and not to be insulted when the professor doesn?t know my name. Lastly, I?d tell myself not to fear failure so much that it hinders me from success.


I definitely would have told myself of the importance of starting EARLY. Scholarships can be hard to find, and coming up with a major is quite a bit more difficult. Careful consideration should be made starting Sophomore or Junior year in high school as to what colleges you would like to go to, how you are going to afford it, and what you are going to do while there. Also, I would make it a big point explain to myself how critical it is to make a good reIationship with a counselor. It is much preferable to going it alone! I would probably take this to heart from me since I know how my parents would not be able to help me through this process. Most importantly, though, I would try to drill in the importance of the entire *process*. I did not take it seriously, in high school, and ended up wasting a lot of time in college because of it. I am doing fine now, but disaster could have been averted if I could have told myself what I know now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be prepared to study harder than I did in highschool, and read a lot of material. I would also tell myself to be open to trying many new things and to volunteer to give back to the community surrounding my school. I would tell mysefl that I am going to love college and the people that I meet there, and concentrate on my school work while also making time for social events.


I would tell myself to research my career goals. Make sure you know what you are getting into. I didn't realize when I was in highschool that a being a Veterinary science major took up so much of my time. There is a lot of studying involved. I don't mind it. In fact I like it. I just wasn't prepared for all the work.


If i could be a high school senior, the first thing that i would do in the beginning of the year is sit down and think about what i want to do, and could see myself doing for the rest of my life. After i figured that out, i would look at colleges that best suit the major i chose. My goal would be to get accepted to a college where i could be there for four years and not have to transfer in an undergraduate major. In order to get ready for college, i would not procrastinate, and i would learn how to manage my time. I would also study very hard for my SATs so i could get a higher score to get accepted to more colleges. I would have looked up recognized sororites or clubs of my interest in order to make more friends and be more involved on campus. I would look up more information on scholarships and what my college offers. The most important information is to realize how important education is, and to excel in everything i do, so i can become the best at my desired profession.


If I could talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell my self to make sure that I keep track of everything I need to have done before I go to school. I would have made sure that I filled out my financial aid information sooner in order to prevent the hastle that I had to go through. I would also make sure that I went through all the orientaion process before coming to school. I would make sure to keep track of all the mail I recieved from the school and make sure to schedule all appointments and tests that I had to take sooner rather than later. I also would remind my self to pack every thing that I needed so my dad wouldn't have to mail it to me after I got here.


If I could go back into time to my high school senior year and talk to myself I would tell myself to be a little more friendly and outgoing , a little more opened minded, and work a little harder. The reason I say be a little more friendly and outgoing is because if I was more outgoing some of the things I went threw I would not have went threw because I would have ask for help and not been so shy. I say opened minded because in college you would meet alot of people that are very different from you and all type of ways and if u don't be opened minded u would be by yourself. The last and final thing or reason I'll say is work a little harder because if i did a little better I could have got more scholarships for my academics. College is not a walk in a park it take alot of work and would make u grow up and be responsible. It's not like high school it very different in a good way. It would make u feel like a young adult thats you are.


If I could go back to when I was a student in high school, I would tell myself to relax. Going off to college out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to major in or where my life was heading. I would have told myself how easy it was to make new friends through SUNY Delhi's orientation program and how easy it is to talk to advisors and professors. College is not supposed to be scary and if it was, no one would go. I would tell myself how many great friends I have made and how they are there for me no matter what. The only other advice I would give myself is to be more organized and persistant with work. As a nursing major, I find it easy to be up all night trying to get all my paperwork done and in on time. I would have myself practice time management so college work would go more smoothly. Overall, I would tell myself to not worry, be optimistic, and be prepared for the best days of your life.


When looking at colleges the student must keep in mind what he or she likes themselves. Do you like more of a country setting or do you wnat to be in the middle of a big city. The answers to these questions have to be thought about before making the right choice, because the environment the student is in does effect the way he or she will do in school. They must be comfortable with their "home away from home" for 8 months.


Apply to more than one college so that you have a back up plan if you don't get accepted to your first choice. Most colleges have an "advantage day" or an open house so you can tour the college before you make a decision. Take advantage of these they are fun and very helpful. Be open to new ideas and don't be afraid to be social if you want a true college experience. I have to say on the other hand, spending hours studying in the library is part of the experience as well. College is a fun thing to experience and you learn so much information and you feel successful doing so. As far as parents go, make sure you feel like your child is safe while at college. Many campuses have their own security or police crew. They help students with whatever they need. Living on campus might take getting used to but it is way better because you get the full experience of day and night college and not just half like commuting students.


Pick your first will find yourself to be most happy. Listen to what others students have to say about the college they know best because they have had the experience.


Parents should support their children in their choices and also giving their opinions of those choices. Find a college that fits your learning style. Students should do what they want and not just follow the crowd. I can't tell you how many times I missed movie night because of studying. Your friends will always be there and you don't need to hang out all the time. That's for the weekend. This is your time to become someone, so take that time and use it well.


Information I would give to students is first have a purpose have goals have an understanding of what you want to achieve from college and how you plan to achieve it also remeber if it does not go exactly how you planned it that alright but be sure to remeber that you are looked as an adult going into college and freedom is so abundant but that freedom comes with responsibility and respect follows responsibilty. To the parents you are still the parents but now your dealing with an adult and it is important to give your your son/daughter room to grow and to start offering suggestions rather than commands or orders also understand that your son/daughter is his/her own person and you have to trust that all of your good teaching is strong enough to keep your child while they are away from you.... good luck on your future college decisions.


Go to the college before you make your decision. Websites can be deceiving.




Find a place where you will feel most comfortable, whether that be on a small or large campus, or far or close to home. Find people that you have some things in common with, and don't be afraid to join clubs and participate in activites going on around campus. This will help you make friends, and also get you out of your room. Don't think that you always have to sit in your room and study. Give yourself time to have fun. And don't be afraid to talk to people. Most freshman are in the same boat as you, and they are all looking to meet new people.