SUNY Cortland Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


One thing SUNY Cortland is known for is its great professors and its sports. There is always lots of school spirit.


Good Education with low tution fees


It is known for being a party school. But it also is a tough school to get into. In addition it is also known for its athletics. The sports teams usually do well and everyone that comes to the school is usually pretty active.


It is probably best known for its sports program. It is one of the best DIII schools in a lot of its athletic programs. It also has a large education program, in particular Physical Education.


Cortaca: The biggest little game in America.




I dont know if I could choose one thing, but I guess it would be the people. Because Cortland seems to attract people from Orange County area, Long Island and Rochester if you are from these areas your always guarenteed to have a friend somewhere close nearby. The party life is GREAT! WE party hard, there's always something to do, but everyone is still very aware of their grades and academics.


SUNY Cortland is best known for its athletic affiliations. Most of the students here are very athletic and have a great love for sports.


A very strong athletic program and being very selective in their admissions. It is also well known for the CORTACA football game every year with Ithaca College. The school spirit here is pretty high as well as most everyone has some sort of Cortland attire they wear everyday.