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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

At my school, greek life is pretty popular. There are five sororities, three fraternities, as well as a coed fraternity which is community service based, and many racial sororities and fraternities. Sport teams are also very popular at my school. Not just varsity sports, but club sports and intramural. There is kickline, dance company, and danceworks, as well as many educational clubs that fit your interest. I personally am involved in a sorority. My Spring semester freshman year I joined the Sigma Delta Tau sorority and I have absolutely loved every second of it, I am so sad this is my last semester being a part of it! Our philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America, where we fundraise to raise money for this cause (this year we ran a car wash to raise money). We also do many other community service activities, such as decorating our house and letting the neighborhood children come trick-or-treat, this activity is called Safe Halloween, and we participate in many other activities. It is nice to always have a friend to help you when you are in need and to just hang out with! Joining this sorority is definitely how I met my closest friends, and it opens up the doors to meet many people on sports teams, in other sororities, and in fraternities. In the dorm rooms, the only time you will find a closes door is when people are not home. The students here are so friendly and interested in meeting new people all the time! Athletic event are very popular, and as I explained before, the Cortaca Jug football game is one time when almost the whole campus participates and shows school spirit at the games. You will always find a large group of students and family members at the sporting events. Almost every week night, SUNY Cortland has a guest speaker or an educational movie to be shown, and there is always something to get involved with. I recently went to an activity called "Freedom Riders." This was when an African American speaker came in to speak to us about her time throughout segregation and then she played the movie "Freedom Riders" for us. It was a very moving event. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am either watching movies with my friends or doing some last minute homework that I have unfortunately procrastinated on. Usually on week nights I am sleeping pretty early to get some rest for the next day. There are a few traditions at my school. One as previously mentioned is the Cortaca Jug football game. We also have Scholar's Day, which is when we get off on a Monday to recognize the students. We have a Spring Fling where many music artists have come to perform. While I have been at SUNY Cortland OAR, The Fray, and Kid Cudi have performed. Also, many guest speaker events happen each year, such as hazing awareness and alcohol awareness. Fraternities and sororities are pretty important, but like I said before there are so many other clubs and activities that people are involved with instead. Off campus there are a few things that you can do. We have an outdoor and glow in the dark indoor mini golf course, a movie theater, a bowling alley, the driving range, and a few shops. Also, Syracuse and Ithaca have nice, big malls which are between 20-40 minutes away if you have a car. Those are many of the activities you can participate in that doesn't involve drinking. There are also many dorm events and on campus activities you can participate. A lot of people hang out with each other and that doesn't involved drinking either. Overall, SUNY Cortland is loaded with many organizations, acitivities, and fun events!

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