SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


As previously stated, my school is big but not too bad. Some of the classes (mostly general education classes) are in large lecture halls and the teachers don't really get a chance to know your name unless you really make an effort. Once you get into your major classes and some of the other classes range from 20-30 students and the teachers truly know each of their students. It's definitely nice having a relationship with my teachers and that I can feel comfortable enough with them that I am able to talk to them when necessary. Since I am a childhood education major, I would have to say one of my favorite classes is EDU 479. This is a class that is required for my major, and I have learned many helpful things. We write lessons, and learn different techniques. Also as a requirement in this class, we must complete 50 hours in an elementary school classroom that SUNY Cortland places us in and we must teach three lessons. I have gained a lot of teaching experience and it has been very beneficial to me. My least favorite class was probably intro to psychology. Psychology and sciences are my weakest areas and therefore I did not do very well in it. Also, the teacher was a little tough and it was in a large lecture hall, which I did not like. Just like at any other school, students must study in order to do well in their classes. Class participation is very common. In lecture halls, usually only the brave, outgoing students will participate, but in the smaller classrooms mostly everyone does. My school is top ten in the nation for childhood education and the professors really help prepare you for job. for childhood education you must complete 100 hours total in two different elementary classroom placements. This gives you a lot of experience in the classroom to help prepare you for student teaching and your actual teaching job. There also is seminars on how to write resumes and cover letters which is helpful since those can be pretty tricky. Towards the end of college you are very well prepared to create and write your own lesson plans for multiple subjects. Professors are very willing to help you outside of class. each professor has office hours where you can meet with them, and they are more than willing to schedule appointments if you can't make it to their office hours. They are very accomodating and try to help you fully succeed. The education at this school both helps you learn a lot of important information and it helps prepare you for a real job.