SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the parking. Seeing as this school is extremely popular, there are so many students coming everyday for classes and parking spots fill fast. I commute an hour every day to attend this school, so it's hard to time it just right in order to get a close parking spot. Even the senior parking lot tags sell out within the first week of school. Other than the parking, this school is absolutely wonderful. I made a great decision coming here.


The school only cares about education majors. For everyone else there aren't enough classes. There are few internships and career oriented opportunities available.




The winters here are very cold and snowy so it makes for getting to class a little bit of a challenge.


There are some faculty members who are really old at Cortland. It would be nice if they could be replaced, however there is currently a hiring freeze in NY state.


SUNY Cortland cab have some harsh weather in the winter months making it harder to get to class.


The parking, its very hard to find a spot at certain times. However, I think that is the same with many other campus's.


The worst thing about my school is the weather because it gets extremely cold in the winter and has lots of snow.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the parking. The parking lots are not close to the school; because of this there are shuttles that come be at certain times. I commute an hour to get to school and I always have to make sure I get there early to catch the shuttle.


The worst thing is the constant construction that has been going on since I started college. It interfers with students getting to their classes and it causes an inconvenience frequently.




The worst thing about Cortland is that alot of people come from very populated areas and it is basically only a college town. So if you dont want the college town then you dont want Cortland!


the focus on physical education majors is the worst thing about the school, it takes away from the other courses


Parking...there isn't enough of it available


the snow...i hate winter, but other people love the snow, so it's no big deal to them


Cold winters


I don't like the town the college is in. The college is what makes the town which means that during weekends or holidays, there is nothing much to do other than college-related activities. It is a poor town and opportunities are limited.




The town located around the school had some scary people. It is a very poor town and the people that live there can be strange.