SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A motivated, respectful, fun, caring person.


SUNY Cortland is the type of school that can fit the needs and wants of basically any student. The academics are excellent and there is a wonderful campus life. This school is a good choice for the student who wants to fill their college experience with memories that will last a lifetime.


I think that there are two types of people that should attend Cortland. One being future teachers, especially Special Education majors, because Cortland has a great Inclusive Special Ed program as well as a great Education program as a whole. Second, students who are very involved in sports will find Cortland great because of the many sport based activities and the great amount of school spirit surrounding sporting events.


My school is a great school and I love everything about it. The college is sort of in the middle of no where but the people you meet are so friendly and polite. The kind of person that should go to this school are people who want to have fun but also know that school comes first.


The kind of person that should attend SUNY Cortland should be self motivated and self disciplined with the ability to learn how to balance all the opportunities and experiences that Cortland has to offer. It is not a "party school", but a valuable stepping stone to life as an adult. Cortland has an awesome sports program, every club you could imagine, amazing academic opportunities and a super fun social atmosphere, so don't blow it. You become instantly independent when your parents say goodbye, so enjoy the freedom responsibily.


SUNY Cortland offers a variety of opportunities for students. This school is known for it's education program, which I am currently pursuing. Not only are you able to take a variety of education classes but the community provides hands on experiences for working with students. Someone who is athletic would really enjoy this school, SUNY Cortland is a division three sports school and they also have club sports. This college also has a great program for physical therapy. Someone who is looking for a small population in their college would really enjoy this school!


As a distance learner at SU I highly recommend individuals with busy schedules, have children, or do not live near SU. As a single parent I have found that distance learning through SU enabled me to pursue my masters degree during a time that I would have not been able to complete traditional classroom learning.


Someone who does not know what they want to do, or if they want to be an education major


someone looking for a small to medium college. Most like the snow. ANyone looking to be come an education teacher


Fun, outgoing, athletic