SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't think there is a certain type of person that shouldn't attend this school. This school will accept every person without any judgments and there is room for every type of person


I fully believe that any type of person could attend Cortland. There were many different majors that could apply to any individual interested in Science, Math, Pschyology, Arts, and Athletics. I would not be able to define a type person as not being able to attend this school it was very diverse in studies and people.


Any one who is uptight about life and not willing to put themselves out there. If you are only going to sit in your room and play your computer, do not bother attending.


A person that is trying to gain new experience and leave home


People who like to be anonymous, private people.


One that is not self-motivated. Professors remind you about things but if you do not complete the assignments, you are SOL.


Someone who likes sports, either participating or watching. People who are interested in carreers in sports or teaching. People that don't mine being around others who drink and go to parties.


Artsy or medical students


A closed minded, very negative person should not attend cortland. It takes some adjusting to do and its not easy to get used to going to walmart for everything and stuff like that. If you are used to the good life-the stay away from Cortland. If you are humble person who can adjust to a new environment then this is the school for you. The weather is also an issue with people. So if you are used to California like weather then don't come to Cortland. Its really really cold here and it never really gets nice. Oh


I think anyone who attends Cortland will be able to find a way to fit in. But the main reason for cominghere should be the academics. So if Cortland doesn't have the program you want, you shouldn't attend.