SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known to be more outgoing at first. While I did make a lot of friends by the time I graduated, I came from a small town and was really quiet at first.


I wish i knew that the Economics department isn't that big at this school and that there isn't a lot of opportunities here for Business Majors and also that it is very tough to register for classes.


I wish I had known that they do not have a lot of African students.


How to manage my time better. Better study habits.


I would of liked more details on my living situation, but that has nothing to do with the school. Because i live off campus.


Don't take advantage of all the parties too quickly. You're there for 4 years take your time. I wish I had done so. I was so caught up in everything and enjoying myself that my academics took a backseat to my partying and my gpa suffered from it. I currently hav a 2.3 and i want to go to law school so I'll be working extra hard in the months to come. Remember that school comes first and you are paying however much to get an education not a beer belly.


I wish I had known it was alright to take my time in choosing a major and that I didn't have to rush to finish in 4 years. I think I could have gotten more out of school had I known that.


I was pleased with the amount I learned while attending


I wish I had known what the towns around it had to offer so I could have taken advantage of that more.


How awful the on campus housing is and that the residential services office is not willing to help when you have problems with your living situation.


I wish I had known the severity in lack of diversity education in this school. Latinos, Blacks, African Americans, Asian Pacific and many other cultures are extremely underrepresented in both the student and faculty populations.