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I attended Toronto Film School fresh out of high school and it was the toughest things I've ever done. I was broke the whole time, and took the bus home every wknd to go to work so I could pay my bills. When I attended SUNY:UB, I had not car to get to classes that conflicted with my work schedule. SCAD in Savannah was too expensive, and I was again dead broke. They also didn't take ANY of my credits from Toronto. SUNY:ESC accepted my credits, allows me to work full time and study independently.


Suny Empire offered the opportunity for myself, as an older student, the accessibility of attending courses online with the same benefits I would have received had I attended in person. The Center for Distance Learning has allowed me to make room around my work schedule and that of my two small children to be able to achieve my lifetime goal of becoming a teacher. I receive just as much Professor/Counselor support that I would have had I been attending courses on campus and am still able to experience a true collegiate adventure.


It is an intersting place, but is not like american education in terms of clubs, tutoring, sports etc. However, I have learned many things both inside and out side the university. The college does not satisfy me completely, but location is amazing, and I have learned much more here than anywhere else. I am glad I came, but I am looking forward to experience an american education.