SUNY Empire State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone should attend some type of school, whether vocational or academic. No one should be excluded if their desire is to improve themselves.


If you need the discipline of a classroom setting, this may not be the college for you. There are study groups that meet at certain times, there are online classes and independant study classes. For the independant study classes you meet one on one with a mentor who gives you a certain amountof work to complete. It is great for busy adults, who work and have families. The mentors work with you to schedule appointments areound your personal schedule.


someone that is not self-motivated, and unorganized. This is a college set up for people with family's and or full time job. someone who is not willing to put the time and effort into his or her school work will not succeed. The techers expect a lot so being organized is essential.


I will be attending Empire State College to complete my senior year. I would not think someone who is not computer literate would benefit from this type of education. I also believe someone needing college associated activities such as sports, student union events, dating, and tutor services would not enjoy my college. My type of college experience is for indivuals who are highly independent . Self-motivation is needed with college coursework through exclusive online format. Those who often rely on others to complete college work are most likely traditional students.


Those who should not attend this school would not be persons who are not disciplined nor have some sense of a goal/objective regarding an area of concentration. Notwithstanding being committed to applying oneself to a structured curriculum ability to embrace working in a team environment and passionate about accomplishing tasks assigned for the good of all.