SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


SUNY Oneonta is a great school to get a sound education while making life-long friends and enjoying social weekends.


SUNY Oneonta is a friendly, encouraging environmeny with a faculty of people with surprisingly impressive expertise and knowledge in their fields. There is an atmosphere of love of knowledge as well as personal development. The faculty are very involved with students if the students choose to be friends or ask for help. This campus is big enough to offer a lot but small enough to feel like home.


SUNY Oneonta is inviting to new students, consists of a small downtown setting surrounded by mountains, and provides a safe enironment for all students and community members.


A small school where students can interact with their teachers and learn, find great friends and have fun.


My school is small, but not too small, and tailored to my needs as a student and resident.


Oneonta is extremely accepting of students and professors differences, the school works hard to be eco-friendly, and there are many opportunities to be involved on or off campus in clubs, greeks life, and community service. The classes are small and personable. It's easy to form a strong relationship with professors. Oneonta is fairly "artsy", but I feel as though there are many kind of people and a lot of diversity. I'm very proud to go to this school.


SUNY College at Oneonta is an excellent school with professors who are there to help and are willing to spend one-on-one time with each individual student, smaller class sizes, faculty and staff who are trained to answer any questions and help you in any way they can, and is located in a beautiful region with many things to do!


SUNY Oneonta makes every one of its students feel like they belong here in some way. There is always something to do every night no matter what you like!


A great place to go to school.


It's a good academic and social environment.


a fun college experience




The environment, staff and students has helped me find and build who I am.


Small, close-knit campus with a growing respect for the green movement and an aggressive campaign to enhance school spirit.