SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I wish I had known before I attended SUNY Oneonta was how much harder college was going to be than high school.


I wish I would have known it was a bad idea to have a girlfriend back home as a freshman in college. About the college itself, nothing.


Althogh the class room information at Oneonta is very good, I wish that I had more information on available activites outside of the class room. Oneonta is a small town and more activites related to music industry would be helpful. Trips to major metropolitan areas would add to the educational experience.


The snow starts in October.


I wish I had read more books and saved more money before I came to college. This way I would have more knowledge and also I would have money for everyday expenses, as well as for tuition and room and board.


I wish I had opened the horizons a little bit more and looked at other schools. So far I have found my classes pretty boring and made it feel like I never left high school. They weren't at all what I was expecting. My Biology class was like the first 3 weeks of my 10th grade Biology class in High school, but it was extended for 4 months.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known how much fun I was going to have and how easy it was to make friends and feel at home. I had a lot of anxiety before coming to Oneonta, but it was so much easier than I had ever anticipated, and I was totally wasting my time worrying! I love every second spent here!


That for my specific major, students need to have a grade of at least a "C" in EVERY CLASS.


about this school!!!! i attended a private school that was expensive and really disa pointing, with the food, the facilities stunk, and it is very small only 600 students give or take. i really wish i had applied to this school and knew about it before i went to concordia


I dont have any complaints other than the school doesnt like you to move off campus before your JR year, and parking is a pain.


I wish I had known that the town was extremely small.


that I wouldn't want to work in the field i majored in after college. I should have switched my major midway through school.


The weather, it's really cold in the winter. Other than that I knew what i was getting.


Before I chose to attend SUNY Oneonta, I visited the campus and attended an informational tour which let me know most things about the school that I know now after two years of having attended classes.

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