SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the welcoming atmosphere. I tell them how friendly the students and professors are. I tell them that my professors are very approachable and willing to help and that the students I live with are very easy to get along with.


I brag about everything really, the food is amazing most days dislike is usually in preferences not quality, the campus is beautiful and the town historic and old and full of mystery, the enthusiam in the people and teachers for school pride and school work. the fun activities that i am lucky to do


I do not brag about my undergraduate college. There was nothing that stood out about it.


How much fun I have going to events on campus with my friends, like zombie prom or spa night before finals.


The best part of the school is the size. Big enough size to be able to enjoy a decent college life, yet small enough that you truly get to know other students and professors on campus. When I first attended SUNY College at Oneonta, I knew nobody. Growing up in New York City, Oneonta was a strange new world to me. Getting involved in and around campus, this quickly changed as I made many friends. Now I feel at home at SUNY Oneonta and I sometimes don't want to leave.


I brag most about how great the campus is. It's a beautiful campus with a great view, and the size is just right. I just love the comfortable, relaxed feel of the campus.


How my school has great breaks and a great schedule for the students. Also, how much I love the activites that are offered at my school because I am involved in my school's dance company and some of my friends from other schools do not have such a great dance company.


I'm in one of the best Education programs in the state and maybe even the nation! I'm getting a great education from some awesome professors! It's going to take me places!


the fun loving community of students, coaches and teachers that fill the campus. the avalibility of classes and teachers who want to help


Despite the awful winters, Oneonta is a very social place and students go out a lot. For students who do not like to go out often, there are many on campus activities. Oneonta is a small town with two colleges so it feels very much like a student world during the school year.


Pretty, smart profs, fun