SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worse thing about my school would probably be the food. I miss home cooked food, I try to cook myself, but nothing is better than your mothers cooked food. I mean the food is not horrible, but its like the same thing everyday and sometimes things are just what you expect it to be. I come from an Hispanic home, so I am use to rice with guandules and pernil. I cannot wait for thanksgiving break. I will be bringing a lot of food back to college. Overall, everything else is great and I love that I chose Suny college at Oneonta, I do not regret my decision.


SUNY Oneonta is a great school and I don't find many things wrong with it. One thing that I don't like is that the dietetics program here doesn't help students to find a job after they graduate. It would be helpful to have a program that educates students on jobs that can be acquired with this degree.


The worst thing about my school is the size. We have around 5,800 students, so the classes tend to be similar to highschool size. Coming to college I was eager to experience a new type of surrounding that I could be excited about and really take in. A larger school would provide more diversity and more opportunities to meet people from different areas. I think it's important to be able to share differnt points of views and culturals while meshing together in one school.


It would be nice to see more Greek life unity and the ability to have Sorority and Fraternity houses off campus. I really do not have to much to complain about SUNY Oneonta.


i dont really have anything negative to say about this college. my stay here has been very pleasant and i have met really nice people as well as very nice professors. i will personally recommend this school to any friend or family member. this school has a variety of activities and events to keep student involve, this allows for community developoment.


The lack of enthusiasm people have for school. I am extremely academically motivated and most students here are not.


The town is a little run down but the campus makes up for it. The campus is also a dry campus.


The worst thing about my school is that too many people are crazy partyers.


I had an excellent expereience at Oneonta and cannot think what was the worst thing about SUNY Oneonta. Just to say something I will say the worst thing about Oneonta is the weather. It can be very cold in the winter and walking to class from the freshman dorms is brutal, especially in the morning hours.


I would consider how we are a dry campus and yet it seems that the campus itself is directed toward those who do drink. For instance, the library doesn't open until noon on Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday it closes at 9pm. Also, the dining halls do not open until eleven on the weekends. I feel like this is directed toward those students who will be hungover, but what about those of us who don't go out and are focused on our education?


I thing that the worst thing at Suny Oneonta is the winter. It starts early early in November and doesn't end till May. I was already aware of it because I live upstate but alot of people were unprepared for it. Other then the snow walk to class everyone thing is great. All my professors so far had been very approachable inside of class or outside. The workload took alittle to get used to but after a couple of days it got easier. The best thing to do is to explore your dorm and meet new people.


The worst thing about my school is probably the location. It's kind of in the middle of no where. There isn't too much around, so if you want to go to a big mall or something, you have to travel an hour away. However, that is also a good thing as well. I'm not spending as much money shopping and also I stay on campus alot which allows me to experience all that life on campus has to offer.


The parking situation during sports games. Despite paying for a parking pass and for school, whenever a football or basketball game is home, students get email notices that their parking pass is no longer valid. It is unfortunate that they do not treat academics above sports in some cases.


I live on Long Island and Oneonta is about 5 hours away. The drive is the worst part for me.


That there is only one choice to the meal plan.


There tends to be a lot of drinking so if that's not for you, it's bad. There are definitely other things to do and other people to hang out with, though, so don't let that keep you from coming here! Also, the winters can be rough.


The worst thing about SUNY Oneonta is the harsh winter weather and the unpredictabilibity of whether your classroom will be way too hot or freezing.


That everyone is a flaming liberal.


There is not enough on-campus parking for student who live off-campus.


There seemed to be a lack of communication with students and departments such as financial aid, continuing education and study abroad.


The lack of updated lab equipment in some of the art studios.


The worst thing about this school is the variety of food. For example, all the chicken is mostlly fried and the grilled chicken tastes fake. There is never good steak or ground beef. Everything is mostly fried.


While it is improving over time, my major for Computer Art was underfunded and limited. I had a difficult time getting into the classes I wanted/needed. Because of this, I'll be attending graduate school to make up for it. There was no support from the school in career development for art students.


There is really nothing that bad. If I had to chose, I would say that sometimes the food is too cold.