SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the friendly atmosphere. All the students that I have met are very friendly and outgoing and easy to get along with. This is especially important for freshman and transfers who are beginning a new life in completely unknown atmosphere. It makes the transition much easier.


all the oppurtinities that we have to mingle and meet new people while being taught something new about diversity. The people that you meet will be there for you for everything.


The best thing about SUNY Oneonta is the small intimate class sizes. Even in the lecture halls your professors know your name and will recognize you on the street. Professors are extremely approachable even if they aren't holding office hours. Also the students are always willling help each other study or share notes if you have to miss a class. SUNY Oneonta is a great place to feel comfortable with who you are while achieving a bachelors degree.


The school is nestled in the hills and the view is gorgeous.


The best thing about my school is the education program. Sincce SUNY Oneonta used to be a teacher's college, they have took much pride into making our education department resourceful. Because I am an education major I am truly grateful for a great academic department. With the help of SUNY Oneonta I will graduate with my Bachelors Degree along with my Teacher's Certificate, which will mean I am able to teach once I graduate and shift into the work field.


The best thing about this school is that is so easy to fit in and find friends and campus activities to get involved with. Our saying is "you have a place here" and whoever attends, truly finds their place.


Oneonta has a beautiful campus, that for the most part is very serene. The acadamia part of the school is on the rise and becoming one of the top schools for science. So for students going for science it is a great school to look at. Since I did not stay on campus I can't comment on the dorms or living arrangements. However the staff and professors are all very welcoming and accomodating.


I love the atmosphere of the school. The buildings and nature surrounding the school are really beautiful and just give off a warm feeling. There are trees everywhere and in the fall the falls are just breathtaking. I also feel so safe at school which is very important . I can walk around campus not feeling worried. The people at my school is another aspect that I love. Everyone is friendly and I have made some amazing friendships.




campus and town


the people i've met, and the places i've been


The student body is a varied group of individuals which allows everyone to experience and learn more about other cultures.


The easy access to educational resources, a variety of music and a diverse range of people. I didn't know who I was before I came here. Now as a junior, I have grown up so much thanks to SUNY Oneonta opening my eyes to a completely different world than what I was surrounded with growing up.


The people, the musical community, and the professors.


The campus is small but right. C;asses are not oversized and professors know your name for semester beyond. The school is personable and I love that. Teachers are usually more than willing to help or give advice. The workload can be intense at times, but there's reason behind it. Nothing can come easily. One must work for what the want, such as a career.


The classes are smaller than university schools and allows for a more intimate atmosphere. Most of the work is hands-on and very useful. Oneonta properly prepares its students for their intended careers. Its social life is entertaining as well.


The closenesss of the community; both the students, the faculty and staff, and the physical size of the campus.


My friends