SUNY Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Communications and business programs.


Before attending SUNYIT, I had heard a lot about the computer related or electronic related majors. Ask anyone attending and they know that the computer science or CIS majors take over the school.


It is known for its technology degrees.


all of its technology and engineering majors


SUNYIT is best known for their abilty to "Show Off' in certain places. Our School has had Students including Myself, Create Snowmen 20Ft Tall and it made the local Newspaper. The School also has a SAE BAJA Team that Travles the Country to Compete in a Worlwide Events Yearround. SUNYIT also has a few Sport Teams that try hard to achive the Gold


There is a friendly environment with professors who are willing to help you learn and suceed. the campus is not too small or too big. The classes are a great size to allow for interaction with the teachers and they know you by name. The atmosphere is caring and supportive, and you can talk to anyone about anything.