SUNY Westchester Community College Top Questions

What are the academics like at SUNY Westchester Community College?


Below par and unnecessarily structured per major.


Every professor that Ive ever had at WCC in the past 3 years Ive been there knows my name. My favorite classes have been french, microbiology the Anatomy and physiology and algebra with trig. My least favorite class was principles of Organic Chemistry. Students study all day and everyday. Ive had several intellectual conversations with many students outside of class and Ive also made some long term friendships. The school has several great professional programs Ive spoken with students in the EMT program to people aspiring to be chefs. I'm going into nursing but I'm just taking my prerequisites to transfer to a four year. Alot of students do this because its cheaper to do all your core classes here and then do the programs at a four year school.