Susquehanna University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Susquehanna University is a place of richness, diverse ehtnic backgrounds, and filled with open-minded students, as well as a place to acocmplish your goals.


A school that offers a liberal arts education and offers great extracurricular activites with the guidance of a great staff, all on a beautiful campus in the quaint town of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.


Susquehanna University is a small, friendly school that contains a variety of activities for the student body.


A liberal arts school with a great emphasis on business-related studies. A small conservative school in a small conservative community.


Susquehanna University has a down to earth, friendly, charasmatic enviornment that makes an individual feel like there are part of a community, a family rather than just a number in a large lecture hall.


Susquehanna is a small, but friendly and challenging school that offers a lot of opportunities to the students who attend and provides great guidance to those who need it .


A school where everyone is friendly, Ugg boots are the dress code, and where they know how to have fun but work hard.


It was an awesome place to spend several influential years of my life!


Susquehanna is a small liberal arts school located in the hills of Central Pennsylvania, with majors ranging from music to business.


My school is small, close, happy place.


The mixture of small classes and passionate teachers makes for wonderful interaction, conversation and learning growth.


An academically challenging, but fun place to be.


Susquehanna has so many opportunities for students and its hard to not be involved.


A small close knit community in a rual area.